Sunday, February 22, 2015

3BT: Random Days

1. Been busy with work, but it feels great to reward myself every now and then with these lovely chocolate eggs. Although it's crazy that they've started selling them way ahead of time, I'm glad that they exist ha ha...

2. Going on a walk on a sunny day on my day off. Here's a LOOOONNNGG shadow of mine. Love the sun on my back, warming it up. Oh, and I got to see a pair of squirrels on my walk. So cute!

3. Finding one of the gifts for hubby's upcoming birthday (on a discount YAY!). It's safely hidden somewhere. Now need to find the other gift (still wondering what I should choose).

4. Finding two pairs of cheap jeans (one pair cost €10, whereas the other pair cost €15).

5. MIL helped me shorten those jeans using her sewing machine. Bless her! 

6. Working together with hubby to clear up the thick pile of snow on the roof. 

7. This sight on my lovely walk:

 8. Fried brain. The other day I was SO tired that I was going to string this sentence in my head, "Oh boy, it's unbelievable that they've started selling Easter eggs already!" in Finnish. However, my slow brain slipped. Instead of forming the word "pääsiäissuklaata" (Easter chocolate), it became "paskiaissuklaata" instead. Pääsiäinen = Easter, whereas paskiainen = bastard/asshole. Ahem...I sure don't need any bastard chocolate eggs HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH...


  1. That is a long shadow.
    Those eggs look yummy. Easter is my second fav time of year. (Christmas is my 1st!)

  2. I bought a second box of those eggs yesterday ha ha ha ha ha...Oh, Easter is your second fav time of the year? I suppose because it's the mark of spring? :-D

  3. Looks yummy that chocolate eggs :D