Friday, February 27, 2015


I was in a huge mansion last night. The rooms were big and the dining table was huge. I was simply awed at being able to be in such a place. I don't know if I was myself or if I was somebody else at this point in my dream. The host organized a party of some sort and he had arranged a very beautiful white dress for me. It was so gorgeous that I felt like I was in a dream to even be wearing such a thing LOL! 

Then the scene changed and I was out of Capitalia (whatever that means). There I met a cousin of mine and my aunt (mom's eldest sister). It was actually very nice to see that aunt in my dream, because I didn't get to meet her the last time I visited Indo. Anyway, so I knew somehow that my cousin and my aunt lived in that place that I was sent to, but I was desperate to go back to Capitalia. The problem was that I had no money and didn't know the area. I had no map with me, but I knew it was a long way from Capitalia. I did try to visit my aunt again to get some help, but when I noticed her leg problem (she was limping and was in some sort of pain), I decided to slip away from her place and decided to try to walk back to Capitalia.

I remember having to walk across this type of pond, but when I tried to hop to the other side, something leapt out of the water and bite me, as if they were trying to stop me from going. I think first it was a fish and then on my next try, it was a frog. Ouchhhhh!!! It hurt! Yet I had to go back to Capitalia no matter what it cost. And then I woke up LOL!

What a weird dream! In another patch of dream that I woke up to, there was my Junior High School friend who wasn't confident about singing who finally found his voice (this is not a true story, it was just in the dream he became that kind of person). He was stunned at how beautiful his singing voice was when he finally had the guts to sing and it was such a nice experience to be able to witness a moment like that in someone's life, even though it's only a dream he he...but no more biting fish or frogs, please! ;-D


  1. kindly adventure dream, Amel ^_^. It doesn't have to understand dream, it just a dream :D

    1. It's just interesting to remember some dreams and wonder if there's any meaning to it. Some dreams can have meanings, though maybe a lot of them are chaotic and meaningless.