Monday, November 12, 2007

A Busy Day

This morning I woke up late again. Set up the alarm clock but I just felt so tired. I didn't even wake up when my hubby's alarm rang (I always woke up when his alarm rang, but not this morning). He left me a love note as usual, saying that I was sleeping so soundly, so he didn't have the heart to wake me up (normally we'd kiss and hug before he goes to work). Sleepyhead me indeed!

Then I went to the toilet to do "my thing" and my mobile rang then. I rushed to get it and turned out that it was the people from MoniNet project who wanted to set up an appointment with me. I was waiting for their phone call. They are a group of people who're trying to make projects in Lapland for immigrants, so they did a survey by interviewing immigrants in Sodankylä. They'll also do the same survey in other small towns and villages in Lapland. My appointment was set to be at 3 pm.

I exercised this morning as usual, then I showered and when I showered, hubby came home to have lunch. I didn't have much time to blog or anything else after that. I spent some time to reply the emails I got from MyLot and to read the comments you've left me here, then I wrote a birthday postcard for my friend so that I could post the letter to her (I printed my letter already last night). Then I still had to dry my hair and changed and had lunch before I went to the employment office for my meeting (I didn't wanna be late!!!).

I reported myself first to the employment officer and then I met the MoniNet people from Rovaniemi. They asked me about my interests and my plans and stuff. They also asked me to give them ideas about what kind of projects or volunteer work they can organize for us in order to socialize with Finnish people. They're the ones who're going to open up the course IF they find enough applicants. I told them that I really needed the intensive course. They asked me if it had crossed my mind to find a private tutor. I told them that frankly speaking, we couldn't afford to pay too much for courses. They also suggested that I should consider taking the full-time course in Rovaniemi, as there are actually three Finnish classes (Finnish 1, 2, 3) and it can last up to a year (just like what my Indian friend told me - that it's one big package for integration plan for immigrants).

I know it'd probably be good for me to do that, but I don't want to be apart from my hubby anymore. We've been apart for too long and if I do that full-time Finnish classes in Rovaniemi, I'll have to stay there during week days and only come back here on Friday night. Plus it means I have to have my own apartment there and so on. It's very impractical. ------ Side note: It takes 1.5 hours by car from Rovaniemi to Sodankylä.

Well, we'll see what they can organize for us (immigrants) here then. After the interview, I posted the letter for my friend and met my Brit friend there. She has an online business, so she often comes to the PO to post her clients' orders (she sells Finnish handicrafts and goods). She sounded skeptical about those MoniNet people. I don't blame her, knowing how tough it's been for her these past few years. Well, I'm hanging my hopes on God. We'll see what kind or miracles He'll provide for us. We'll see what doors He'll open for us. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be for the best, just like I've witnessed Him opening up UNLIKELY doors for my friends. ;-D

Anyhow, after that I went grocery shopping and then my hubby called me right as I was about to finish shopping in a supermarket. His office was nearby, so he was waiting for me at the back yard of the supermarket HE HE HE...GOODIE!!! I didn't have to walk back home and we could also buy more stuff at another supermarket (Lidl, which has cheaper stuff) to make pizza and some other stuff we needed. I like going to Lidl 'coz they sell cheap stuff, but other supermarkets have more varieties of goods to sell, so sometimes I go to two different supermarkets at one go. Tight budget, you know? Going to other supermarkets all the time would be too expensive. One should know one's limits he he he he he he...

Psssttt...GOOD NEWS is that I managed to persuade my hubby to buy me some ice-cream HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...And I bought a bag of chips already at the first supermarket. Splendid!!!!! Life couldn't be better than this. Going to bed and waking up with a clear conscience, living a life without stress, being healthy, having enough food and a nice place to stay, a fun-loving hubby, chips, ice-cream...what else can a girl ask for, right? *wink*


  1. Mother Hen: That's right. ;-D

  2. Great blog. I also wanted to tell you that my hubby just stared his own blog I linked it on my page, it's called The Way I See It.

  3. Kasper: Hi, Dawn!!! Oh, your hubby started one, too? OK I'll go check it out. ;-D

  4. Busy day! Well, I hope you enjoy eating your chips and ice cream! And I sure hope you are able to get that Finnish course that you need.

  5. Amel…al that detail and not one word about what kind of ice-cream???!!!

    Anyways you are “it” tagged “it” that is…an interesting question for you…

  6. It's so heart-warming to read your everyday nothings and your musings about life. Glad that everything is going well. When I was in Holland, the supermarket chain Lidl also existed there. I did not find them cheap though. :-)

  7. Amel, love this post. Life so relaxing with understanding hubs & shop till you drop then hub came around to pick you up.... That's so cool !! :):)

    Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

  8. Oh, your hubby's so good to you :-)

  9. Kathy: Haven't tasted the ice-cream yet he he he...but the chips tasted GOOD! ;-D THANKS for your well-wishes about my course. ;-D

    Livingsword: HA HA HA HA...It's Neapolitan: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice-cream. ;-D

    THANKS for the tag. I'll go check it out soon! ;-D

    Water Learner: Over here, Lidl's the cheapest. My friend who lives in Germany right now also said the same thing. I wonder why you said it was not the cheapest? He he he...

    Janice: Yeah, I told my hubby that I'd go grocery shopping after the meeting with the MoniNet people, so he called me right after work to just in case I was nearby...and I was! He he he...I didn't expect his call 'coz I didn't even know the time ha ha it was perfect timing! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, he is. :-)))) He's ADORABLE! ;-D

  10. Hi Amel

    You had a busy day! We buy from Lidl here too. It's not in our town so I only get there maybe every second week. I love their bargains. Last month I got these fluffy winter slippers for £2!! (very cheap)

    They are so warm and soft and every time I wear them my husband chuckles and laughs. He calls them my "strawberry feet". :-D

    I love the feeling of getting a real bargain AND the feeling GOOD when you have enough money for everything you wanted to buy. We haven't always had that. When we were first married there were some bad months where we couldn't buy things like chips or ice cream.

    Oh... about the lessons. Is there anywhere in your town you can leave messages? I was thinking maybe you could leave a message saying you are looking for volunteer tutor/lessons. I worked as a tutor twice. The first time (art) I was paid, but the second time the lady had no money so we "swapped". She taught me how to play the piano and I taught her sewing.

    Maybe you have something you know you could offer as a swap? I also have a friend who found a very unique way to make a little money and friends. Her husband was in the US army. He was sent to Japan and she was very lonely. So she put up notice at the supermarket that she would do jobs like wash windows, buy groceries and clean houes very cheap. She had mostly old people contact her and through them she learnt to speak Japanese better and she made friends and she earned a little money.

  11. Oh and I forgot! Thank you very much for the awards. :-) now.. STOP! :-D I love the awards, but I am running out of space for them!


  12. Hi, M!

    Yeah, Lidl always has some interesting offers on different days of the week. I LOVE those offers, too! ;-D

    Warm fluffy winter slippers are CRUCIAL in a cold country, so I can imagine how happy you are by getting them cheap he he he...

    Yeah, I know what you mean, the first few months of our marriage, we also couldn't afford buying this and that. Now we can slightly afford more than the first two months I was here he he he...

    Yeah, as a matter of fact, I can leave messages in supermarket boards and flea market boards. Right now I still have my evening classes, so if the full-time course doesn't start, I THINK this evening class can continue 'coz the teacher's already told us that even though there're only 5 students, she will continue teaching us.

    THANKS for your idea, though, but I don't know yet what I can swap with someone who's willing to teach me Finnish hmmmhhh...

    HA HA HA HA HA...UR WELCOME about the award! I'm sorry to say that I can't stop unless people stop giving me awards hi hi hi...

  13. Hi, Amel! You're sure did have a busy day!! Lately I am busy doing blog advertising...I haven't got the chance to visit MyLot yet. :)

    Anyways, I hope they'll come up with positive results on the Finnish classes.

  14. Choc Mint Girl: He he he...yeah, it seems you've been busy with Smorty. Well, just do what you enjoy doing, whichever brings the best result, focus more on that one then. ;-D I've been slacking in MyLot as well, but I'll get paid soon he he he he...

    THANKS for your well-wishes about my Finnish classes. I guess I'll hear more next January! ;-D