Sunday, May 10, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. Giving two surprises for my MIL on Mother's Day: a printer and a poster-sized photo version of them while she hugged my FIL he he he...And in return, I got two HUGE hugs from her HE HE HE HE HE HE...

2. Though it's been raining quite much and the weather's been so unpredictable these days, I got a chance to see double rainbow the other day. My first rainbow in Finland. Here it is:

3. Looking at the rainbow scene reminded me of one lovely church song, which if translated to English would be something like this:

"Life doesn't always look like dark clouds. God's promise is real, you just need to wait for His perfect timing. Even though you can't see the sky 'coz of the thick, dark clouds, beyond it there's God's loving rainbow."

4. I've finished reading one children's novel in Finnish and now I'm trying to read a Finnish chicklit that I bought a while ago on a discount. It's gonna be tougher and slower 'coz it's much thicker than the children's book and I try to look up every word I don't know in the dictionary he he...but I'm NOT giving up!!! :-D Cheers to determination!!! :-D

5. Finally able to take such a LONG sleep today after having had restless nights for a few days (dunno why 'coz I'm usually a sleepyhead!).

6. A few weeks ago when it was icy, the guy who rarely smiled whenever he came to the library to bring packages saw me ride my bike and told me to be careful. That's SO nice of him to do that! :-D

7. Having a peaceful mind. Some days a while ago I had such a noisy inner mind and that drove me crazy!!!

8. When I was questioning some things that made me feel sad, I read something in Our Daily Bread that really answered them.

9. Having fun during our Finnish study group with the girls. :-D

10. The flower plants in my MIL's house seem to be growing well. Now they don't need to be covered by plastic anymore. Here they are:

11. When we were about to go back home from my MIL's place, I saw two hares in a distance. I managed to get closer enough to take this pic. As you can see, now the fur is turning brownish in some parts!!! :-D


  1. i like the nice pic of the rainbow... :D

  2. I'm glad that you are still seeing all the good things in life.

    Thanks for your comment last week.

  3. I'm really glad you were able to sleep after having some restless nights!
    I love study groups too! But haven't been in 1 for a long time, :( !
    Take care, Amel!!

  4. lovely rainbow pic, Amel. Good on you, never giving up read children books ;)

  5. Hey Amel,

    Oh my Lord...what a gorgeous rainbow! Did you know that rainbows symbolise the pact between God and mankind? In the Bible it is written that God invented rainbows so that He would remember that He is not to destroy the world through a deluge ever again.

    As time goes buy those inner voices will become calmer and offer good advice, instead of questioning so much: this is called wisdom :D! I think you are reaching it, girl.

    God bless you, gorgeous!


  6. Thanks for the rainbow. They always make me smile.

    Well done with the book/s. Keep it up.

  7. That's like a complete rainbow! Beautiful!

    So impressed with your MIL's attention and care lavished on her plants.