Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Sentimental Day...

Before I start telling you why, let me first thank Rita for sharing this award with me:

And also for Michelle Frost for sharing this Noblesse Oblige Award with me...

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I'd LOVE to share one of my most brilliant-minded friends, Max!!!!

OK, now I'll start telling you about my sentimental day...'Coz today was my last day at the library, yesterday I bought a lime cake (YUMMY!) from the supermarket to bring there. I wanted to bake my own cake, but I knew I had no strength nor time to do it. However, I did have time to make mango pudding and rhum sauce.

So I brought them all to work today and during our afternoon coffee break, we set them up on the kitchen table. Then came the colleague brought a digital camera and the boss held a few mementos and a blue rose for me. Everything was blue, including the thank you card that they had prepared for me. Why? Because blue is my fave colour!

I was stunned...then we started hugging one by one and I just wanted to CRYYYYYYY!!!!! Although I'd only been there for 6 months and it didn't even feel like 6 months (I can still remember VERY clearly my first day there and what they taught me to do step by step), it was SO hard to leave the place. I just love it there. I love the atmosphere and I love my colleagues and boss. They are very supportive and fun people to be with.

Ahhhh...okay...let me share with you the mementos that they gave me...

I'll blog-hop only tomorrow, OK? Today I had to do some things that I'm going to tell only later. It's already almost CSI time he he he...


  1. You must be so sad to leave your old colleagues. They're really nice people.

  2. Blue is your fav color? I hardly see blue roses. You must be delighted to receive it :)

  3. beautiful blue rose, amel... :)

  4. Blur Ting: Yeah...the good thing is that I can come back to the library any time to meet them HE HE HE HE...

    Janice: Yup. I also wonder if they ordered the rose or something, 'coz I've never seen them in the flower shop that I sometimes visit here...So yeah, I was SO happy to get it! :-D

    Jeanne: Yup!!! :-D

  5. Those gifts are beautiful! Hopefully you'll feel just as great in the new job, given your sweet personality I'm sure the new colleagues will be just as fond of you :)

  6. That is just lovely Amel, really lovely of them to do that.

    They might have done this themselves as Roses can be dyed by sucking up the dye when its put in its water - so can Carnations. Mark used to work on the floral markets and thats when I first found out about dyed fresh flowers. I believe these days they have created genetically engineered blue roses though.

    A lovely touching send off! Congratulations on your six month stint. I am still hoping that a position will turn up for you there at the library.. as I know its where you would love to be...

    Love Michelle x

  7. that is sad indeed. anyway, cheer up you have a very beautiful flower.

  8. congrats for ur awards and lovely presents.

  9. Hey Amel,

    Congratulations for your awards, gorgeous! They are well deserved :D!

    Awww, thank you so much, girl *hug*! I am are awesome!

    You got a blue rose? They are so rare and precious: so your colleagues & boss must really love you :D!

    I love your mementos, they are so cute: you were blessed!

    You watch CSI? Which one? I love CSI, girl!! :D

    I wish you a very good weekend, darling; and thanks for the award!


  10. Bitter Chocolate: THANKS for your support and kind words! :-D

    Mrs. Arctic Rainbow: INTERESTING piece of info! THANKS for sharing! :-D Well, we'll see about the future in the library he he...

    Imelda: THANK YOU!!! :-)))

    Jul: THANKS!!!!!!! ;-D

    Max: THANK YOUUUU and HUG backkkk...I watch all CSI. LOVE them all...well, my fave used to be Miami but now I love all of them HA HA HA HA...