Thursday, May 21, 2009

A List of Events...

Sorry I haven't had time to blog-hop. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I took a nap every day after coming back from work. The library's closed tomorrow, so tomorrow I'll have some time to blog-hop. Let's do some recap about the things I've been doing, shall we?

1. Last Saturday we went to my in-laws and as I was walking across the field to take pics, I saw a creature moving so fast nearby (approx. 2 metres away from me). Since I knew it was moving too fast for me to take a solid pic, I decided to take a video instead. I still didn't know what it was after I took the video, so I showed it to my MIL, who said that it was a "kärppä". I looked it up in my dictionary and it means an "ermine/stoat".

Here's the video clip:

Here's the link if you want to see it in HD:

I've taken some pics off the video, but unfortunately they're not too good, but here they are anyway:

I was actually trying to get good pics of these hares when I came across the ermine he he he...As you can see, the mother hare's fur has turned more and more brown as time goes by.

I also took these pics:

2. Went to the birthday party late from my in-laws' place. The birthday girl was so eager to ask me to colour some princesses with me HA HA HA...She also showed us all her gifts and her beautiful dress and she sang a few songs for us! :-D We both got a hug from her, too! SO SWEET!!! :-D

Oh, almost forgot...while we were colouring some princesses, she told me, "You colour the pics very well."
I said, "Why, thank you. You've done a great job, too."

Then she said all of a sudden, "I think you have a beautiful voice."
I was SO surprised to hear that, but I managed to say, "THANK YOU, you have a beautiful voice, too...And face, and hair!"
She nodded. :-D

3. Went to church today for the first time to hear the sermon and I must say that I didn't get the sermon except for some phrases here and there. I understood the songs more than the sermon 'coz I could read the lyrics from the hymn book. I understood the MC better than the priest who gave the sermon 'coz the MC is a woman, so her pronunciation is naturally clearer than the male priest's (if you know how Finnish language sounds like, you'll know that it's harder to listen to a man's voice when speaking rather than a woman's, esp. if the man is using a microphone and you can hear the echo of his voice).

As the church has this program for foreigners, one of the priests had invited us to come to lunch at their camp site after the sermon was done, so four of us went there with them. We had a nice lunch and there the priest also gave us a short sermon (this time I understood the sermon MUCH better 'coz it was a small room and no microphone was used).

Then we were interviewed HA HA HA HA HA HA...The priest asked us some questions and she also encouraged other people to ask us questions. Interesting. It was SO hard for me to try to explain my life in Indonesia, 'coz EVERYTHING is SO different!!! Anyway, we had a good practise to speak Finnish, though he he he he...

OK, I think this is long enough. Time for me to read some Finnish!!!


  1. Well Amel, I hope you are feeling a little better and that you take advantage of your day off from the library. It was nice to see the Ermine running in the field instead of being worn as somebody's coat. It appears as thought you are blending in with your new found culture very nicely.

  2. That stoalt thing is so cute! I am going to google for more photos. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Pleased to meet you, hauska tutustua, Amelia :) I was glad to see you among my readers this morning.

    Very interesting, that video with the ermine. Also all the pictures and the whole entry are enjoyable.

    Have a great Friday. See you!

  4. it sounded like a fun birthday party! hope you weren't put "on the spot" at church.
    Glad you'll be able to blog hop later!!

  5. Bogey: Yeah, I did take advantage of the day off, thanks. Glad that you enjoyed the ermine clip, though I couldn't capture it too well he he...

    Blur Ting: Yup, better google it to get much better pics he he he...

    Rita: Hauska tutustua. :-)))) Hauskaa viikonloppua sinullekin!!! :-D Glad to hear that you enjoyed my blog.

    Vince: Well, actually we didn't know that we were going to be interviewed hi hi hi...but then again we've been through some of the questions over and over again after moving to Lapland, so we're used to some of the questions. :-))))

  6. So nice spring pics here !!! You shoud but some new pics in Pieni ihme blog too :)!!!!!