Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planting Potatoes

Yesterday right after R2 got back home from work, we went to my in-laws and the cabin, of course he he he he...When we arrived there, my MIL needed our help to plant potatoes and two new plants. It was hard work for R2 to prepare the ground for the two new plants, 'coz the ground was filled with many rocks, so he had to dig them out. You'll see what I mean when you see the pics later he he...

First pic: the patch of land where we planted potatoes (the brown area, the covered area is for strawberry plants). It was the first time I'd ever done such a thing. R2 dug the ground, I "threw" one potato at a time, then he covered it up with some soil. MIL spread some plant food all over (not poo).

These two pics are the two new plants I mentioned. Some of the big rocks had been taken out a week ago, but some of them had to be dug out by R2.

See? So many small and medium-sized rocks he he he...One part I didn't like too much was when MIL spread some chicken poo he he smelled so bad he he he he he he...but it was a fun day out in the sun, though it wasn't too hot he he...

Then summer signs are starting to show he he he he...

While R2 was fixing the car outside to prepare for our long journey, I spotted a family of hares from afar (there were 4 of them). As usual it was TOO hard to get near them as they were so alert and they'd run away if I reached a certain distance from them. I tried waiting and waiting for any one of them to come near me. I even sat on the ground and sat still, but to no avail he he he he...

However, LUCKILY while playing cards, I spotted one of them right outside the living room window and I took a few pics right away HO HO HO HO HO...SO HAPPY!!!!

We went to the cabin to spend a night there and R2 put too much firewood in the fireplace. We went to bed already at around 10.30 pm and at around midnight we woke up 'coz it felt as if we were inside a sauna ha ha ha ha ha....WAY too hot!!! We opened the door to let some cool air in (it was SO windy on Friday and Saturday in Kelujärvi - though the temp. reached 23'C yesterday, due to the harsh, cold wind, it felt as though it were only around 10'C). Anyway, it's just fun to spend time together without having to think of work he he he he...

Can't wait for our Rhodes holidayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! WHOOPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :-D OK, time to blog-hop now he he...


  1. Hares!! Wow!! I've seen only one since I came...sigh...

    Sounds like you guys had fun. Awesome!

  2. Oh planting food is always good. It's self-sustaining, and you get to do the exercise and be healthy.

    Keep it up.

  3. how is ur feeling today?? I hope better because you always go to vacation hi hi hi...

    lovely shots, Amel.

  4. Love the pics as always!! :) Oh, you guys were really planting?? It's a coincidence then when I talked about my virtual farm heheheheee... Well, happy planting!!! :)

  5. Hi!
    this is Sarah Sofia writing you from Denmark.
    I just went through Sodankylä on my way south from Kirkenes.
    Where are you originally from?
    I must say, I find the finnish language very hard to learn, since it hyas nothing in common with the other scandinavian languages.- But the Finnish people are always so friendly...
    We often go to Ivalo. Do you know the town?

  6. Shinta: I'm sure you'll see more later on he he he...

    Mother Hen: Yeah. In Indo we never got to do it 'coz we didn't have much garden he he he...

    Jul: THANKS, Jul, I'm feeling fine. Been sleeping a lot now that I'm not working anymore HO HO HO HO...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yup, it was indeed a coincidence that you talked about your virtual farm and I went planting potatoes ha ha ha...

    Sarah Sofia: Welcome to my blog!!! One friend of mine lives in Ivalo, but I myself haven't actually been there he he he...Do you have relatives in Ivalo or something?

    I'm originally from Bandung, Indonesia. Indeed the Finnish language is hard to learn, but since I'm living here, I should keep on learning it he he...

  7. Beautiful photos of such a wonderful animal. I love hares. :-)

    I hope you have a great holiday and if you have time I have a small tag topic for you.

  8. Hey Amel,

    Awww, those photos of the hares are so cute!! And you managed to capture one looking right at you: very nice!

    So, you planted potatoes: well done! :D

    You are almost leaving to Greece, right? I hope you have loads of fun, girl :D!


  9. Hi Amel, Those Hares are huge! I can't believe they just sat there letting you take their picture! Have a great vacation....and happy gardening!

  10. Michelle: THANK YOUUU for your well-wishes and the tag! :-D

    Max: Yep, I was stunned when it was looking right at me HI HI HI...Yup, can't wait to leave to Greece HO HO HO...

    Bogey: Yeah, they're huge! :-D And I took the pic while I was inside the house...that was one reason why it didn't run away. Had I tried going outside, it would have run away in a jiffy he he...THANKS for your well-wishes!!!