Friday, May 15, 2009


Yeah, been lazy blogging and blog-hopping again. I've spent my days reading and exercising, preparing my body for our summer vacation next month he he he...That's also why I've been tired so easily, 'coz I exert energy by exercising and by forcing myself to read more Finnish every day - besides watching TV series with hubby.

Yesterday hubby told me that our niece will turn 5 tomorrow and they're going to throw a party for her, so today I went to the bookstore to find a gift for her. I figured that buying her a book would be better than buying her a doll. However, the tricky part is that I don't know what kind of books they have already he he he...Well, I know that they have so many DVDs and video tapes and some books and CDs, so I hope that she hasn't got the book I chose for her. It was hard to pick something for a 5-year-old. Ummm...

GOOD news is that while browsing for a gift, I found out that the book that I'd been wanting to buy for a while was on a 50% discount, so I grabbed it right away HI HI HI HI...I also found Winnie the Pooh stickers on a discount, so I bought a pack for the birthday girl. I figured that little kids love stickers, don't they? Don't they? At least I do know that she likes Winnie the Pooh he he he... training at the library will end on 27th this month and I'll then try to find a part-time job. We'll see how it goes. Someone tells me that there might be a job opening somewhere, so I'll try applying for a job there. Wish me luck!!!

I've actually never worked for a long time in an office or stores. This training at the library is the longest time I've ever spent in an "office". When this training ends, it means that I'll have been there for 6 months! :-D When I was in Indo, I could only stand working in an office for 7 weeks hi hi hi hi hi...

A few weeks ago my Mom got sick and it seemed that she didn't get well easily, so my bro took her to a specialist and she had to have proper blood tests. Everything came out fine except for the cholesterol level and another thing whose term escaped my mind right now...anyway, at least now she knows what to do. She's changed her diet intake and she's lost 2 kgs already. GOOD for her!!! :-D

My slight worry is my Dad. My Mom said that he's getting thinner and thinner, 'coz sometimes he forgets to eat. If he stays home, it's much easier for them to notice whether he's eaten or not...but 'coz he loves playing chess outside of the house, it's hard to make sure that he remembers to eat. Uhhhhh...I sure hope he won't get sick. I think he was already too thin when I met him last October!!! Ah well...such is least my brother and his wife and his wife's family will be there for them. :-D

OK, I'll end this rambling post. I'll blog-hop on Sunday 'coz now I'm dying to continue reading the new book I've just bought he he he he he he...


  1. Enjoy your book. I posted about the naturalization ceremony with photos. If you have time...

  2. Congrats to your mom on the healthier living style! And... you should have totally bought your niece a doll. Not that books are a bad choice, but who doesn't ADORE dolls? I'd still be out of my mind with joy if I got one now :D

  3. Hey Amel,

    As much as we miss you, I must say: don't sweat it...just enjoy life and your sweet hubby :D!

    I used to love stickers when I was a kid, so yeah...I think it is fine to offer your niece some.

    Good luck in finding a new job, girl *crossing my fingers*!

    I am so sorry about your parents, gorgeous *hug*! May God be with them in this hour :).
    You are right: "such is life"...

    Girl, enjoy your book and have a great week!


  4. Hi Amel!
    What exercising are you doing? I am biking. Our area is blessed w/ some really long bike trails.
    your Dad and my Dad have opposite problems. My Dad is 84 and is getting morbidly obese. HE hates to move anymore which is really bad!!

  5. how is your parents now, Amel. I hope they are better

  6. First of all, best of luck to you on the job front. All kids love presents, so your book and stickers will be well received :)

  7. Hi Amel, sorry haven't been able to visit you for long time.

    Hope you dad gets better.

  8. Jul: My parents are doing OK, Jul, THANKS! :-D

    Bitter Chocolate: THANKS!!! Well, I bought the book already. Don't have more fund to buy a doll he he...

    Max: THANKS for your support, Max!!! :-D

    Vince: Oh, sorry to hear about your Dad. It is a problem if he hates to move...I guess 'coz of his weight then it gets harder for him to move 'coz it tires him out? So it's a bad cycle. :-((((

    Mother Hen: THANK YOUUUU!!! I still have to wait before I can apply for the job he he...

    Feb: No problem and THANKS, I've told my Dad to eat well he he he...