Friday, June 05, 2009

Last Post Before Rhodes

This morning almost had a heart attack when I asked hubby where his passport was and he told me that I was the one who took it and put it somewhere (he meant when we moved here 4 months ago). I didn't remember a thing about it and I almost panicked...until I remembered that he brought a waist bag to Indo, so I went to get it and ta-daaaa...the passport was still tucked there safely!!! PHEW!!!

Anyway, this is my last post before Rhodes 'coz tomorrow we'll be at my in-laws' the whole day (R2's eldest brother and family are here in Lapland for 2 weeks) and 'coz we shouldn't sleep too late tomorrow. We should start driving to Oulu at around 10 am on Sunday 'coz it takes around 5.5 hours to get to the airport there. We'll only arrive in Rhodes at around midnight, though he he he he he he...

So now we're almost set except for a few last-minute things that we should pack only then (like toothpaste, etc.). I called my Mom a few days ago after not having called her for a while due to my busy life, so we talked for about 1,5 hours on Skype HE HE HE HE HE...Always such a pleasure to talk to her and listen to her stories.

When I was working as a translator (I worked from home full-time, so whenever I felt fed up with work, I could just stop and go to the malls to refresh myself) and after my friends got married and got busy with their hubby and kid and family life, I had plenty of time to go out with Mom. Because Mom sold food at the traditional market, she had afternoons off, though I had to make sure first that she had finished cooking for the next day, but still it was easy to ask her out with me. She loved going to the cinemas, too, 'coz when she was young, the cinema was probably the only entertainment she could get. She'd go to the cinema every week when she was young.

So we'd just go around the malls, relaxing...and sometimes we'd go watch a movie and we'd eat out. Sometimes I took her to have a facial and a body massage. I miss doing that with her, but I'm GLAD I got plenty of chances to do it with her when I was in Indo. After she had trouble with her knee joints (one time she couldn't even walk), I didn't dare take her out to the malls 'coz I was afraid that window shopping would make her feel so much pain. But still sometimes even during that period, she'd want to go out with me, so on some good days when the pain wasn't too harsh, we'd go to the malls and we'd stop to sit down a lot or I'd just pick a movie so that she didn't have to walk so much.

Funny thing is that if she liked the movie, then she'd totally be awake. But if she didn't like the movie, there would be moments when I found her dozing off in the cinema ha ha ha ha...But don't you people worry, after Mom started taking glucosamine MSM tablets to add oil to her joints, her knee is fine again.

OK, enough reminiscing (I guess I just miss her!) he he he...the other day something happened that I should also add to my list of "unimportant things that make me happy":

a. When my hands or feet are cold and R2 tries his best to warm them up by holding them tightly with his palm and rubbing them with another palm.

b. When my gentle kicks work in making R2 turn around and stop snoring at night (sometimes he falls asleep first and snores and then I'd have trouble to fall asleep).

c. Piles of snow in December.

d. Going to the cabin with R2 - esp. 'coz that was the place where he proposed me.

e. Watching the fat bees gathering honey in summer in my in-laws' garden (in Indo I've never seen such fat bees 'coz in Indo the bees are usually "taller" and "slimmer" - not "short" and "fat") - they're SO cute!!!

f. No long queues here in Sodankylä wherever you go.

g. Reading something that inspires me, that encourages me, that motivates me, that makes me feel understood, that makes me feel that I'm not so alone in the world.

Okay, time for me to blog-hop a bit before watching a movie he he he he...Enjoy Alexander Rybak with "Fairytale'", the winner of Eurovision 2009.

See ya around after we get back from Rhodes!!! Take care, everybody!


  1. Before you go, can you teach us to say HAVE A GOOD TRIP in Indoneasian? HYVÄÄ MATKAA in Finnish (as you already know, I'm sure :)

  2. Rita: Usually we just say "Selamat Jalan" which would roughly be the same as "Au revoir" he he...

    "Wish you a nice trip" = "Semoga perjalananmu menyenangkan".

  3. Have fun & enjoy ur holiday :-))

  4. Glad you found the passport back ;) Enjoy your trip and take lots of photos...

  5. Amelia,

    Have fun, girl!!!! :D


  6. I'm sure you?ll have an amazing time in Rhodes!!! See you soon!

  7. To answer your question:
    no, no relatives in Ivalo, it's just a very convinient gate to the wilderness.

    You can read more about it here:

    and see soem pretty pics here:

  8. Have a great holiday!

    Enjoy yourself and take care.

    I look forward to reading all about it when you get back.

    Don't forget butterfly valley is worth a look at, and Rhodes old town!

  9. My mum also have knee joint problem & she took glucosamine with pain killers at times. Enjoy your holiday, Amel :)

  10. Hi there, hope you will enjoy your trip!

  11. Everybody, THANKS for your well-wishes! :-D

    Sarah Sofia Ganborg: THANKS for answering my question and the links! :-D