Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tag: Six Things

M. Frost has tagged me to list 6 things that are unimportant but they make me happy...let's see what I have in mind he he he...

1. Cooking together with hubby.

2. The smell of the sun on my pillows.

3. Being scratched (esp. all over my back) and tickled (esp. all over) by hubby.

4. During PMS, crying my eyes out when watching something.

5. Eating something I've been craving for a long while and it tastes exactly the way I want it to be. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

6. Full-body massage.

6. Being able to take clear, close-up pics of wild animals in nature.

Because I'm not going to tag anyone, let me carry on with more things I can think of HA HA HA HA HA...Greedy me!!!

7. Saying the exact same thing with hubby at the exact same time ---> and it always makes us both laugh HO HO...

8. Buying something I've been wanting to buy and finding it on a HUGE discount (and feeling glad that I didn't just buy it at the usual price).

9. Tickling hubby and watching him try to withstand the agony without scratching himself as long as possible hi hi hi hi hi...And then watching his relief after he scratches himself. :-D And watching him beg for more (not with words, but with his facial expression) HA HA HA HA HA...

10. Hiding behind the door when hubby opens it to spook him and hear him growl 'coz it works!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA...

11. Looking at old photos.

12. Rereading old emails (esp. love emails), old letters, and old cards HE HE HE HE...

13. The smell of fresh grass.

14. Riding a bike on a long stretch of road without any intersection (so I don't have to stop for anything). :-D

15. Being in an apartment without any roaches, ants, mice, and flies.

16. Not having to iron any clothes (I've never ironed any clothes ever since I moved to Finland!).

17. Reading good jokes (the kind of jokes that makes me laugh till my belly hurts).

18. Being able to hang our clothes in the bathroom and knowing that the next day they'll be dry (not having to worry whether it's going to rain or not - in Indo, my parents have to hang the clothes to dry outside).

19. Being able to drink straight from tap water where I can get cold water, warm water, and even hot water (in Indo, can't get warm or hot water from taps and definitely can't drink tap water).

20. I can leave potato chips in a big bowl for days without worrying that they'll lose their crispiness (if you leave potato chips like that in Indo, in less than a few hours they'll turn soft.)

OK, I think this is long enough, don't you think? I haven't packed yet and before we fly on Sunday, I have to clean up the place so that when we get back home, we can just go straight to bed...I mean to sleep, of course HE HE HE HE HE HE...


  1. it makes me happy that you're so happy :)

    How do you say "happy" in your language? (Indonesian?)

  2. Rita: "Bahagia" or "hepi" (but "hepi" is more slangish). :-))))

  3. Rita: Oh yeah, there's another word for "happy" in Indonesian...it's "gembira" = more like "to be joyful".

  4. wow...lots of unimportant things that makes you happy, Amel ;)

    Almost your time to go vacation. Make sure you make lots of photos to share with us, OK! At the moment, I am not too in the mood in blogging. I am sleepy all day :((

  5. Jul: Glad you enjoyed reading my list. :-D

    YESSSSSSS I'll take lots of pics!!! Just rest and enjoy days without blogging, Jul he he...

  6. Oh, lucky you about hanging your clothes indoor. I sometimes do that, but since the washing machine is out of order, I have to hang them outside, which is good if it's sunny, but nowadays, the weather is so unpredictable!! If the clothes are still very wet (no dryer)... I have a hard time to think where to hang them!!

    Ahhh... I can't wait to plan for our next holidays. :) Hope yours will be filled with lots of fun and memorable. :)

  7. When I was young, (a long time ago), all of the clothes were hung outside. Even in the winter! They would freeze solid in whatever shape they were in. At night they were brought in and hung in the basement so they could be re-hung near the furnace to dry. Didn't make sense to me but it makes me laugh now. Fun post Amel!

  8. Are all the vowels short in bahagia and gembira? Where is the stress (accent?) is it ba-HA gia and gem Bi ra? Nice words, they make me hepi ;)

  9. Bogey: WHAT???? All the clothes were hung outside even in winter? I've never heard such a story before. I wonder why they did that he he he he...anyway, GLAD you enjoyed the post! :-D

    Rita: Yep, in Indonesian language we don't have long vowels or long consonants, so they're all short (though it's fine even if you pronounce them longer 'coz it doesn't matter).

    I actually think there is no particular stress in the Indonesian language (unlike in the English language)...so just say the words with a flat tone he he he...

  10. that was a fun list to read through, Amel!

  11. Vince: GLAD you enjoyed it! :-D

  12. Wow, your list is so inspiring! I really agree with you about the crispy potato chip thing. I was so amazed when I was in USA that the nuts and cookies will never go soft like they way they do in the tropics.

  13. Blur Ting: Yeah, the first time I came to Finland my friend left a bowl of potato chips without any cover and I was afraid they'd go lame...but I was nicely surprised that they didn't!!! :-D Glad you enjoyed my list!

  14. Thank you for teaching me those things about Indonesian. I am gembira about it :)

  15. Beautiful list Amel. :-)

    I hope you're having a great holiday!