Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip to Rhodes #2: Old Town

I've taken around 600 photos during the 2 week holiday in Rhodes, so bear with me. I can't share all of them, but I can share some of the important ones he he he...In this post I'll share some pics of the Old Town of Rhodes. We went there by bus (€2/person) from Faliraki. To read more info on Old Town, click the link. Basically speaking, Old Town is a huge area and you can get inside it from different gates. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the place (THANKS for the tips from FPE).

Without further ado, here are the pics...

First pic: one of the gates near Old Town. The bus stopped near this gate and there's a tourist info office nearby, though I wasn't impressed at all with the guy who worked there. When we went there to ask for something, he wasn't too helpful. Grrrr!!!

Next pic: walking towards the Old Town. Actually, we couldn't get inside through the above gate for some reason, 'coz we had to get across a bridge to get inside, so we had to get out and find another gate ha ha ha...

Next pic: Crossing the bridge. As you can see there are many tourists coming here.

And yeah, there are plenty of tourist shops and restaurants in this area, too. In some areas near the gates, there are many artists. They sell paintings or black-and-white drawings of yourself. You can either pose for them or give them your picture to recreate on canvas. I didn't dare ask how much it cost, though secretly I wish I can get our picture on canvas someday HI HI HI...

Next pic: I LOVE this view...if I'm not mistaken, this street leads to one part of the harbour.

Next pic: Just to show you how high the walls are.

Next pic: one part of the harbour. Notice the seller across the street, on a boat? I went there to buy some loofah. Paid €3 for two loofah scrubbers.

Next pic: Roloi Clock Tower, the highest point in the Old Town. Before mid June, it wasn't open (I think, 'coz we went there twice and the first time it wasn't open yet). The ticket to get up there was €5/person (plus a drink of your choice at the bar nearby), though kids can get up there for free.

Next pic: Just to show you how high it really is.

Next pic: Me going up Roloi Clock Tower he he...

It was SO nicely cool and windy up there in Roloi Clock Tower compared to the heat down there. Here are 4 views from the tower.

Next pic: I deliberately took this angle to show you how small those people look down there compared to the area.

Next pic: R2 posing with a knight outside Roloi Clock Tower.

Next stop was The Grand Master's Palace. The ticket cost €6/person, but it was worth it (also 'coz it was cooler inside the museums HA HA...). Inside there are some museums with plenty of artefacts, though we couldn't take pics in some of them, but still we could take plenty of pics in the other museum located upstairs.

Next pic: I'm IN LOVE with the arches...

Next pic: Going upstairs to the museum where we were allowed to take pics.

Next pic: I wonder how long it took to make this artwork. There were plenty of others, too, but in this post I'll share only one. The one I like the most he he...

OK, I think this is long enough. I'll continue in another post.


  1. I love this place! The sky's so blue, so I can imagine how hot it is! The architecture is beautiful. Great choice for a holiday!

  2. Great pictures and two long posts - lots to see for your readers! I'm going to read everything soon :)

  3. I've just seen in one of the pictures that, there's a mosque as well, isn't it? And can you inform us about Greek people, language and their hospitality Amel?:) I really like to learn about Greeks and Greek things:)

  4. Beautiful pictures! The one of the Grand Master's Palace totally reminds me of Malta! :)

  5. Blur Ting: Yeah, esp. since it was still cold in Sodankylä until this week. My MIL could only take out the flowers this week, can you believe it?

    Choc Mint Girl: That's also one of my fave pics! :-D

    Rita: Glad you enjoyed them! :-D I just hope they aren't too many to digest or look at ha ha ha...

    Burcu: I've included a post about this in another post. Hope you'll get to read it! ;-D

    La Delirante: Really? That's interesting!!! .-D