Friday, January 27, 2012

A Child's Innocent Embrace

The other day at work an old lady came to pay for her groceries, but she said to me that she didn't want the milk carton that she took 'coz she had taken the wrong one. Mind you that the milk section was at the back of the store, so I told her to just leave it at the cashier so that I could return it to the original place later on.

After serving a few more customers, there was nobody in line, so I took the milk carton and ran to the back of the store 'coz I didn't want the next customers to wait too long for me to get back. While running on the fourth aisle with the milk carton in my hand, I spotted a little girl in the middle. She was standing there in the middle of the aisle, halfway between me and where the rest of the milk was at the back of the store.

We locked our gaze at one point and we realized who it was we were looking at. She's this little girl who's been really friendly to me ever since we met at the store 1,5 years ago. Her parents are also very friendly and she has a little sister. At that time, her parents and little sister were near the milk section.

Anyway, when the little girl saw me, she smiled so widely and started RUNNING towards me with arms wide open...In my hurry, I couldn't break her heart. She probably thought that I was running towards her!!! (FYI: She did this once when they were at the store and she saw me from afar) So when we were close to each other, I stopped, knelt down, and gave her a hug.

I was a bit worried what her parents might think of me hugging her, but from the side of my eyes, I could see them turning around at us and laughing. Phew!!! She really made my day that day! :-D Before then, all we had ever exchanged were words and smiles and occasionally I gave them some candies he he...

Anyhow, here are some photos I took with my mobile camera (not such good quality), but anyway...

2nd pic: The sun peeping from behind the trees at around 2.30 pm yesterday. Felt marvelous to be able to see it again after such a long time!

3rd pic: The back of a hotel in Sodankylä.

4th pic: Very light pinkish sky.


  1. beautiful shots, Amel from your mobile phone. Lucky you have that kind of phone :D

  2. That was a nice post. I bet you made her day with that hug.
    Nice pictures too.

  3. @Jul: Glad you enjoyed the shots. Well, my phone still can't take pics as well as my camera, but it's handy for bright days. If it's not bright then it can't take good pics at all ha ha...

    @The World According to Me: Glad you enjoyed the post and the pics, Nikki. :-D

  4. Gosh ... a huge loving hug from a little girl sure would make my day too hehe :) Gw bacanya aja seneng, Mel hehehehe :D

    Love the shots, Mel! You are indeed gifted.