Friday, January 13, 2012

Reminiscining Dad...

I've been feeling unwell the past few days and finally I start feeling like human again now. Called Mom today (the first time I talked to her after Dad's passing) and there are just some things that made me choke and cry...I'm writing them here more for my own that I'll never forget...

1. While Dad was being taken to the car during the heart attack to go to the hospital, he was screaming in pain and one neighbour kid heard it and told her Mom, "Look, Opa's screaming, Mom!" But at that time her Mom was too busy to pay attention (it didn't help that it was raining so hard that day and it made everybody else stay inside).

The next day, when they heard about my Dad's passing, the little girl broke out in tears and said, "See, Mom? I told you that there was something wrong with opa yesterday. Now there'll be nobody else who's going to greet me every day."

I don't know this particular girl, but it seems that every day when Dad went out to play chess somewhere, he passed by their house and he always greeted her.

When I heard this story, I wanted to yell to heaven, "See, Dad, how many lives you've touched?" And I could feel him smiling from up there...

2. Earlier that day he said to Mom, "I prayed for Ken (bro's son) so that he'll get healthy. You know, I've had a wonderful life and everything I've ever wished for. Our kids are both married and they're good kids."

for all the memories...

I'll make sure your legacy lives on in us...


  1. Those are very, very touching details. I'm hoping you'll continue to be on the mend. By the way, I really admire how honest you are about your feelings on a really difficult and sad subject.

  2. @Elena: I'm feeling better today, thanks. And THANKS for your kind words. :-)

    I find it cathartic to write everything down - and I love looking back on the past and remembering the details again ('coz I will forget some of them along the years).

  3. such nice stories !
    I really hope that someday you get a chance to meet that little girl !
    It's nice to hear that he was happy before he died. It meant the world to me that one of the last things my Mom said was "Today was a really good day". To have them end on such a good note, has got to be comforting feeling !

  4. In the midst of all the grieving, you still make an effort to be cheerful, positive and appreciative of the things in life. Kudos to you, Amel.

  5. @Vince: Yeah, unless the little girl and her family moves, I guess I'll have a chance to meet her someday. :-D Indeed hearing a good life ending gives a strong comforting feeling.

    @Blur Ting: THANKS, Ting. I suppose it helped a lot that I had prepared for his death and it was a natural one.