Monday, January 23, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. Hearing a female customer said, "Look! Your fave sweets are on sale!" to her hubby. And the hubby bought 12 packs of them. :-D What made me think it was beautiful was the fact that the wife was focused on what the hubby liked.

2. We've just booked a short trip to Vienna for our upcoming spring holiday (and after bargaining at work, I've finally gotten the permission to have the 6 days off).

3. Planning, browsing through the internet to find out what kind of fun things we can do there and daydreaming. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

4. Seeing an icicle hanging from the roof - plus funny-shaped snow.

5. Watching the lazy snow falling slowly from inside our kitchen window...the world felt hush hush and so serene...

6. Have been craving for KFC chicken for a while now and finally today I had time and energy to make some. They came out VERY VERY delicious. Yum...

7. Finding out already what hubby needs (to be his March birthday gift) and ordering it already while there're still winter sales ('coz what needs is a winter sweater). Plus finding a good deal on the sweater! :-D

8. Stealing hubby's warmth under the blanket at nights by putting my cold feet on his warm thigh. Ah, to feel the warmth of his body at night is just pure bliss...

9. Indonesian ear cleaning tool is THE BEST!!!


  1. Ok no. 1 made me go "awwwww" :D

    No. 2 & 3 ... mau info donkkkk hehe Hans and I juga lagi try to figure out where to go in the summer. Bingung deh ah.

    No. 6 mau donk resepnyaaaa hehehe

    Gak penting banget yack comment gw .. hahaha

  2. @Shinta: Emang pilihan kalian apa aja? Gua sih belom pernah ke mana2 teuing tapi gua bisa tanya temen gua yang udah sering kemana2 he he...

    Ayam KFC mah pake bumbu Kobe gitu and gua biasa beli ayamnya yang udah dibumbuin (di sini banyak ayam segar yang udah dibumbuin), jadi tinggal gua balur pake bumbu Kobe sekali, trus gulingin di putih telor pake garem dikit, trus gulingin lagi di bumbu Kobe...trus goreng dah.