Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Year Started With A Bang (read: Dad's Death)

Today I finished work and I was tempted to check my mobile. I've been working for 1,5 years now and I could count with one hand how many times I checked my mobile right after work (before coming home, I mean). There were 4 messages from my bro and Mom.

The first one told me that Dad was screaming in pain earlier today in Indo and that they took him to the emergency room at a hospital. Then the other messages was about his passing about two hours after they took him to the hospital.

Actually when they arrived at the hospital, there was no pulse, but they managed to "revive" him. It happened a few times and finally the doctor said that he checked Dad's pupils and they showed no brain activity, so he wouldn't recommend keeping him alive with the machine, but he said it was all up to the family. In the end he went anyway in peace. He died of a heart attack.

The first thing I felt (probably simultaneously as the shock wave) was a HUGE wave of relief that Dad didn't have to suffer long before God took him away. Then started the tears. I had to lock myself in the toilet and let out what I needed to let out while replying to the messages. After I could control myself somewhat and dabbed my eyes with water and tissue to make sure they didn't look too weird, I went out, did a little shopping, and went home.

When I got back home, R2 greeted me and I told him what happened, then he held me tightly. He patted my back and held me tightly...more tears coming...We spent so much time in each other's arms while I retold him what I had heard from my SIL about what had happened.

It's really weird what I've been feeling after I heard the news...relief, grief, joy (because he can't feel any more pain now), a tad melancholy and longing. All the wonderful memories flashing back. He's my dad and I'm honoured to be his daughter. We might not always see eye to eye, but his legacy will live on through me and my brother.

I have no regrets nor guilt about anything, though. The last time I spoke to him on the phone was a day before his 69th birthday on Dec 27th, 2011 (I couldn't call him on his birthday 'coz I had an evening shift) and that was the only time I had the guts to verbally tell him my appreciation and how he had made a difference in my life. Before that time, I chickened out and I could only tell him how I felt in a lengthy email. I didn't know what made me say those things to him on the phone that day, but now I'm even more glad I did it.

Anyway, rest in peace, dear Dad. You're probably enjoying yourself up there, though. Can't wait to see you there again. Until we meet again...

P.S. The below pic was taken on his birthday a few years ago.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Amel! Please take good care of yourself. I'll have you and your family in my thoughts.

  2. Mel..... HUGSSSS!! Mani ngucur ieu cimata begitu baca post n liat foto om... Rest in peace, om... Until we meet again

  3. Again...Sorry for your loss, Amel. Are you going back to Indo then???

  4. @Elena: THANKS! :-)

    @Michelle: THANK YOU!

    @Piot: HUGS back...he'll definitely be missed. :-)

    @Juliana: No, I'm not going back to Indo.

  5. (((hug)))

    and yes, you can feel "cyber hugs", because they come from heart and soul.


  6. @THANKS again, M. Indeed you're very true about cyber hugs...:-) HUGS backkkk...

  7. ((more hugs!))
    I'm very sorry about the loss of your father. I like the picture of him; he looks like a nice guy, very happy (of course, aren't we all when people are celebrating our birthday).
    How is your mother taking all of this? Do you have siblings that live next to her??
    I'm glad that you looked at the spiritual aspect of this and are comforted b/c that was immensely helpful dealing w/ both of my parents' death.

  8. Amel, I only found out about your loss when I went thru your old posts. Sorry... May your dad rest in peace.

  9. @ChicagoWing: THANKS, Vince! My Mom took it very well 'coz she had a hunch already and yeah, my bro and wife and kid and house helper live with my Mom, so she's not alone.

    @CMG: THANKS, Crystal!