Monday, May 26, 2014

Reindeer Photos

Last Friday we went to Kelujärvi again and there I saw some reindeer. Unfortunately they were more scaredy than the ones I saw in the past, so I couldn't get a good close-up, but I managed to take some photos of them running away LOL!!!

Now here they were running away from me ha ha ha ha...

It was raining cats and dogs when we were driving back from there at around 9 pm. Just crazy rain. It rarely rains that way here, so whenever it happens, it feels a bit surreal he he...

Oh, before I forgot, here's also a photo of the blazing sunset I saw a few days ago. It was around 1 am and I was still up. I looked outside and just had to get out to take some pics. Breathtaking colours! 

Lots of buds have popped up and I've bought some pansies and planted them in the yard (different coloured ones). My sinus is acting up again, so I've been taking some allergy pills. Thank goodness this week is supposed to be a rather smooth return to work after my week holiday last week ha ha...Okay, I'm going to blog-hop later.



  1. I didn't know the sun set so late. 1 am is amazing. I enjoy the pictures of the reindeer.

  2. Wow... what a lovely reindeer shots, Amel. Thanks for sharing with us in here. The view looks so peace....