Friday, May 16, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. This month I managed to save more money for our upcoming Indo/Singapore trip. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Thankful to have a job still.

2. Next week I'll have my first batch of summer holiday (not going anywhere because need to save money for the Indo/Sgp trip and hubby has to work), but looking forward to recharging and doing some spring cleaning and reading. :-D Oh, and daydreaming about having this in Indo:

3. Hubby's patience, sense of humor, and good nature. I rarely see him in a bad mood (well, except when his computer does weird stuff but that's understandable because at work he's been battling with computers anyway) but he tolerates me so well when I'm in a bad mood. In fact, he often makes me laugh when I'm in a bad mood (don't ask me how, he just does!). How amazing is that?

4. Writing this fun piece for a writing challenge entitled: "If I was the woman next door..."

If I was the woman next door, I'd spend more time playing to my heart's content and sleeping. I would come and go as I please, knowing that when I come back home, someone will welcome me with open arms and heart. I would spend less money on clothing and make-up and just present myself au naturel, because I believe I look best that way. Oh, but I do like grooming myself to the best of my ability. That's for sure.

If I was the woman next door, I'd say no when I'm not in the mood to say yes and I would reject visitors without feeling bad about it. Baby shower? No, sorry, not interested. Laser party with my best friends? Bring it on!

If I was the woman next door, I wouldn't befriend anyone that I didn't feel like befriending, either. And I surely wouldn't even think that I'm not doing anything productive by doing nothing, because that's when I recharge and regroup after all the fun and rewarding activities I've done. Here I am doing nothing...auuummmm...recharge...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Whoops! Sorry, this whole recharging thing just made me kinda sleepy. Let me get back on track.

Where was I? Oh yeah...if I was the woman next door, I'd demand plenty of hugs and kisses and delicious food from my housemate. I'd also focus more on the present than the future or the past. What exciting thing that I can do right now? Is there anything worth doing at the moment? Sleeping perhaps? Or cuddling with my housemate? Eyeing the next door neighbour to check out what he's doing? Anyway, focusing on the present is far more urgent, because don't they say that the present is a gift? But well, maybe I get this all wrong, because after all, I'm just a cat. Meow.

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  1. I am sure you are excited for your next trip to Singapore and Indonesia :D We have a warm weather these days.