Thursday, May 29, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby said during one of our talks, "Why would anything go wrong when I have you?"

Bless him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

He's not a traditional romantic guy, but he has his moments and I think because it's unpredictable when he can be this romantic, these moments get even more precious.

2. Seeing someone who clearly enjoys what he or she is doing (for example singing). I'm rooting for James Smith:

3. Sunbathing outside in the yard without being bothered by mosquitoes (it's 18'C outside and sunny YAY!).

4. Doing number 3 above while drinking cold blended fruit juice made of strawberries, cloudberries, grapes, bananas, and an apple (no additional sugar). Refreshing!

5. Been playing a lot of Wii Cardio Workout (boxing) and noticing the changes in my body. My upper arms look more toned than before! I'm going to continue!

6. Hubby has been trying the same Wii game and sometimes we play side-by-side he he he he...It's more fun that way! :-D 

7. Planting some pansies outside and then adding an additional sunflower in a pot because I found a cheap one ha ha ha...(photos will be uploaded later). Summer is here! :-D 

8. Staying away from Facebook has done me a world of good. These days I only check it out for brief moments during the day and I don't post as regularly anymore. Ah...bliss!


  1. What a lovely thing for hubby to say.
    That James, he's from my hometown! My friends daughter goes to school with him. He's great, isn't he.

    1. Yeah, Nikki, my husband has his moments like these and they were always surprising moments because I wasn't expecting those ha ha...And yeah, James is very soulful. Your friend's daughter goes to school with him? That's cool! :-)