Sunday, May 04, 2014

Cute Squirrel Strikes Back!

On May Day holiday, we went to visit MIL and I decided to bring my camera along just in case, because the last time we went there, I didn't have my camera and I saw a squirrel outside her yard. We got lucky again because indeed the squirrel came over ha ha ha ha's still partly in its winter coat (greyish), which will turn reddish in summer. 

Here are some photos that I took. It let me stand about a few metres away while it was busy munching food. As long as I stayed still in my spot near the door, it wouldn't run away he he he...

Now it's on alert mode...

Back to eating...

I just LOVE taking pics of it from different angles ha ha ha ha...Here are two pics of it on a swing. LOVE LOVE LOVE those cute paws!

Last photo...

And here's the video clip. I was going to publish this post last night, but the editing process for the video took SO long (had to stabilize it and make it brighter), so enjoy! If you hear a tingaling-aling sound in the video clip, it's the sound of particles of icy snow falling to the ground blown by the strong wind, making the squirrel alert and in the end it ran away.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaah Super CUTE overload! :-D I love squirrels.

    1. Me, too! Never seen any in Indo, so it's such a treatttttt!! :-D

  2. I've never seen a squirrel that close, loved the video. How noisy was the ice!

    1. Good to know you can hear the icy snow noise pretty clearly. :-) If you ever come here to visit, you're bound to see them - either them or the reindeer ha ha...