Monday, June 16, 2014

Sleet in June!

Welcome to Lapland, where even sleet can happen in June. Today's temperature was around 2'C and they came chucking down at great speed. *aaatttcchhhooooo*

Yes, I've been under the weather since last weekend. It started with a sudden sore throat on Friday, then a runny nose (almost non-stop), then sneezing like crazy. Saturday was the worst day ever because I didn't have any strength to do anything much and couldn't even concentrate on anything much. My head felt foggy, no fever but still didn't feel quite right. 

After some hot days a few weeks ago, the temperature has dropped down tremendously (it can even be as cold as 2-3'C during the night). Right now my head has cleared up more, but my nose is still stuffy and my cough is worse. It feels like there's a furry thing growing inside my throat, making it itchy. It's been bothering my sleep. At least during the weekend I could still sleep non-stop, but last night I had to move to the other bedroom in order not to bother R2 with my cough. I kept on waking up because of the itchy throat that forced me to cough. Grrrrrr...

Anyhow, here are a few photos I took today when the sleet was at its full force. It's died down by now and the streets are wet.

Some older photos (the flowers I planted out in our yard, though the sunflower has suffered because there hasn't been any sun yet - I wonder if it's going to last or not): 

The last photo makes it look like there's some kind of bird convention or something ha ha ha ha...


  1. We had a little bit of sleet here, too. It came around 14.00 and didn't last long but...well, it didn't bode well for juhannus. ;)

    1. Down there as well? Yeah, it's a cold juhannus ha ha...

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather. Itchy throat and cough in the night is not nice.
    Love your photos. I'm a huge fan of sunflowers. Although I can't imagine sleet in June.

    1. Thanks, Nikki. Still recuperating, but managed to survive the tough work week he he...