Thursday, June 19, 2014

Writing Challenge: What I Want To Say To My 14-year-old Self

Warning to myself: If you ever travel to the future and manage to find this post, DO NOT read it. I don't want you to change anything in your life and reading this post will ruin so many surprises. The same goes for my blogs. DO NOT read them, either!

Ahem...okay, now that the most important thing is done, let's start...First of all, look at that hair! And yes, back then there was no digital camera (nor did you have your own camera), so you haven't learnt how to take a selfie with a smile LOL! I remember you hated the fact that you couldn't smile naturally in front of a studio photographer like your other friend who was so photogenic. It wasn't that you were jealous of her, but you admired her for being able to do that.

Secondly, holy smokes, don't you just look so innocent? ;-D Actually I'm just here to say that many things in your life that you haven't really planned have happened - mostly good though. And I'm pleased to say that you've learnt to be kinder to yourself in ways that you could never even begin to understand (because you were just so hard on yourself sometimes). Some of your dreams have come true and at least one will never come true, but you'll survive through it and you'll grow so much throughout that journey (which I suspect will last until your last breath).

And those kids that befriended you back then at school? They're still your friends. In the future you'll become much more open with people and you'll have a blast (unintentionally) fooling people with your "cover". At uni some friends would describe their first impressions of you as "the fridge" (looking so cool and a bit unapproachable) or "the rock" (for being so quiet) LOL! But they admitted that after getting to know you better, their first impressions were wrong.

And the job that you thought would be ideal for you? Turned out it was the worst ever. Seven weeks only and you walked out of the door already, feeling sure you'd never ever come back to that kind of place. You'll then have other jobs that never even crossed your mind. Ha! Life is full of surprises. :-)

You'll marry your second boyfriend and move halfway across the world and that would be the biggest adventure of your life, oh, you who always played it safe all her life! And only after you move halfway across the world at the age of 28 will you then start learning to laugh at your mistakes. The most frequent lesson you're going to learn is letting go: of people, expectations, dreams, plans, anger, etc. etc. etc.

Almost forgot...remember that dream you had where you stood in front of a huge window overlooking a winter scenery in a village? It felt so real and it was stuck in your mind like a movie scene. That actually came true. Well, the scene isn't exactly the same, but at least the winter scenery and the huge windows are pretty much similar. Isn't that cool? :-D

P.S. Enjoy having those cute guys to crush on from afar in Junior High School! :-D


  1. You look lovely in your picture.
    Isn't that funny about your dream.
    So you were the fridge and the rock? You really remind me of my younger self. I was so quiet and wary of people. I wondered if I would always be like that, I'd like to tell my younger self not to worry, you will learn to open up and communicate! I still get pangs of my younger self but generally I find situations and people a heck of a lot easier.
    I like this post, it's really made me think about all we have to learn and our journeys.

    1. Thanks, Nikki, but I guess we all cringe when we look at our old photos sometimes ha ha ha ha...Thanks for sharing about your younger self. I wasn't wary, but was quiet and didn't like to take the initiative to make friends, I suppose ha ha...Glad you enjoyed this post. :-) I had fun writing it. :-D

  2. Love this and I love the idea. I might try it sometime. I was a very serious kid and a stodgy teen. I think i'm aging backwards. ;-)

    1. It'd be lovely to read what you're going to write on this topic. :-) Stodgy? Can't imagine you being stodgy he he...Aging backwards is cool. :-D