Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Cold

So it seems what they say about summer colds is true. They say it's harder to get over it than winter cold/flu. I still have some cough and phlegm/snot, but at least I can sleep through the night again. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! I love my sleep! A coworker of mine also had some cough for 3 weeks. 

It doesn't feel like summer is here (it's about 10'C at the moment and it's already midday). In fact, it feels like autumn already. I'm glad I didn't plant any other plants outside because they may not make it. My sunflower was already starting to show signs of being dead, so I took it to the compost bin instead. The other plants around the house haven't even started blooming yet and I doubt if they're going to bloom at all. Usually by this time around the rose bushes have already produced lots of flowers. Oh well, can't control the weather, but to remind myself of the lovely fragrant roses, here's a pic of the rose bush in July 2010:

And here are a few more pics of the raindrops that I haven't published yet. In the pic below you can see the garden decoration made of stone, painted to look like a giant ladybird.

Oh, and some cat photos I took last month. Not ours, but our nephew's he he...Ginger cats always remind me of my cat back in Indo. RIP my cat!


  1. I was going to say, wow that's a massive ladybird!
    Glad you're sleeping again.

    1. HEHEHEHEHE...yeah, that was why I thought I had to add a little explanation. :-) Yep, it's sure is nice to be able to sleep well again. Oh, the things we take for granted! :-D