Thursday, July 03, 2014

Raindrops #2

It's been raining again and I was looking forward to enough raindrops everywhere in order to take some photos he he...Unfortunately plenty of the flowers in our yard haven't bloomed yet (like the rose bushes and the tiger lilies) and I had to fight the mozzies to take the photos (got bitten a few times), but I've got some raindrop photos again. I would love to have taken many more, but the mozzies were killing me, even though I had put on some gloves and a hoodie and trousers in order to protect myself, but they bit me through my gloves, can you believe it? And they attacked my face relentlessly, so I couldn't stay still too long (had to keep waving them away).

Anyway, enjoy the photos...Click on each photo to view the bigger versions.

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