Saturday, July 26, 2014

Heat Wave

We've been having very hot weather during the day for at least a week. It reached 30'C under the sun and sometimes it felt even hotter when there was less wind, though some days thankfully the wind was rather cool. Plus it helps that the temperature goes down during the night/morning. So on a very hot day I went out biking the other time. I went to the river area and was amazed at how striking the difference was between summer and winter. The bushes were so lush and tall and I did take some photos. 

Here goes...Lappish summer at its best! The weather report site says that this has been the hottest period ever in 50 years all over Finland with the mean temperature of 20,7'C. Amazing! And many people thought it would be a crappy summer after last year's super glorious and long summer and the fact that the beginning of summer here was cold. I'm glad to report that today has been raining and it's been cool, though. It's nice for a change. Plus people here aren't really geared up for super hot weather non-stop because they're more prepared for cold winters ha ha...

Enjoy the photos! Oh, and the house in one of the pics isn't ours. It's just one of those that attracted my eyes. Have a blessed weekend, people!

P.S.: As contrast, here are other photos of the river area (taken from different sides) at different times of the year:



  1. You have real extreme weather there it seems. Some pics and posts make me feel so cold, but I can feel the heat from this post!
    Amazing pictures, I love dramatic clouds, pretty flowers and sparkling water.
    I think my fav are 4 and 6. What are yours?

    1. Oh yeah, it's been a weird summer, but you're right about the extreme weather. When I first moved here, despite the fact that hubby had told me that it could be hot here, I didn't believe him, you know? HA HA HA HA HA...I like number 6 as well because of the cloud formation on the water. And number 2 because it makes me feel so peaceful.