Friday, July 11, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. Enough me time (recharging time) at home where I get to do whatever I want, which includes kicking my ass to exercise more. Love the endorphin!

2. When the thermometer shows that indoor temperature is cooler than outside temperature. Summer is on, baby! :-D

3. Reading a magazine at MIL's place with the sun on my back and the wind blowing the leaves, creating beautiful shadows on the living room floor.

4. Being reminded again as to how precious my husband is. How patient he has been with me and how he's never made me feel like an idiot nor has he ever told me that I'm stupid or an idiot.

5. The things we take for granted: the ability to walk, to eat, to sing, to hear, to drink on our own without anybody's help.

6. Older blog posts that remind me of some details that I've either completely or half forgotten. 

7. Finding the old songs that have been playing in my head because someone have compiled the songs in a youtube video. I watched these wuxi series on VHS tapes when I was little (except the last one on the list). The women used to be my heroines: the kind that knew martial arts and could therefore protect themselves ha ha...And I used to try to imitate their hairdo. Ahem...:-D How nostalgic!

8. The roses have finally started blooming. YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!

9. Clearing up my computer desk because husband had bought a new bookshelf, so I could move the piles of books to an empty shelf. Nice to have more space!

10. Printing some raindrop photos and putting them near my computer desk and one photo on the kitchen wall. Every time I look at them, I remember the feeling I had when I took the photos: I felt like a fairy in a fairy land, surrounded by thousands and thousands of beautiful raindrops.


  1. Which one on your kitchen wall I, I wonder?
    Love all of your aboves. Yah, summer is coming!

  2. One of the blue flowers. I have one orange and one blue (the one that I use as a header here) near my computer desk. :-)

  3. Good choice! I love your header, every time I come over I stare at the reflection in the rain drop for ages.

    1. Yes, the reflection that makes it look even more magical. And when I took the photos from different angles, the reflection changed. It was an awesome rainy day! :-D