Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby let me create a character for a game he was playing. So now he's playing the game using the character that I created for him he he he he hehhhh...

2. Had a rough day the other day after waking up to pee during the night and then couldn't get back to sleep again, but thankfully I could take a long nap after work.

3. Talked to my coworker about number 2 and found out she had the exact same problem that same night (after she went to pee). Ha! What a coincidence! She was laughing and wondering if it was the full moon or something like that which kept us awake he he he he he...

4. Not being able to go back to sleep inspired me to write this (click on pic to read):

5. Listening to this epic song. It just sounds SO GOOD in my ears!

6. After some rough days at work, I had some days off and lately work has been pretty well. Having some easier days make a whole lot of difference for a change!


  1. Wow, you have such a way with words. I read number 4 and I quote: We just need you to be there for us, because the only way to soothe grief is to grieve.
    Also: The world doesn't validate our kind of grief, because they think we haven't lost anything tangible. But oh we have lost a human being (maybe even more than one if we have pictured life with more than one child).
    I totally agree, the only way to soothe grief is to grieve. As much as it may hurt, it's healthier for you to discuss/understand/question/ these emotions. Bottling things up only prolongs the agony.
    And the mind is a powerful thing. I don't doubt for one moment you imagined and planned a different future, and now you're left thinking, "Oh that wasn't meant to happen."
    By the sounds of it you and hubby are as close as ever. I know you've had/do have sensitive and tough times, but I hope you've both hugged a little tighter, and loved a little fiercer.
    Oh I love the fact he is using the character you created for him.
    Big hugs from me. Always here to listen and understand. x

    1. Awwww...I really appreciate your compliment, Nikki, as I respect you as a writer. :-) Agree totally on discussing and understanding the emotions. I find that when I bottle things up, in the end I blow up and woe is the one who's there in front of me when I blow up, because he/she will be totally confused he he he...

      The mind is a powerful thing indeed. :-) I'm really thankful that infertility doesn't break my relationship with my husband, though in the beginning I felt the rift already and I was frantic at that time. I know many people who've split up because of infertility and I'm not going to take this fact for granted (or at least I should hope not). I think one of the things that helps is sense of humor. It plays a great deal in our lives together. Plus the fact that he's such a calm person helps, too.

      Big hugs back, Nikki. THANK YOU again!