Friday, August 08, 2014


The other night we were getting ready for bed. It had been another hot day. 30'C. We turned on the air conditioner about two and a half hours before our bedtime to make sure the room was cool enough to sleep in. Just as I was getting ready to lie down, sounds came out of hubby who was already lying down on his own spot on the right side of the bed. 



A few minutes later: another PROOOOOOTTTTTT.

We did our usual bedtime ritual and then came another PROOOOOOOTTTTT.

So I said to him, "I'm going to give you a new nickname. You're my BFF. Big Fart Factory."

He replied casually with his usual calmness, "Oh yeah?"

And then a few seconds later I went PROOT. :-D

So he said, "Okay, then you're LFF. Little Fart Factory."

I replied, "Fair enough."



  1. Ah that is CUTE. :D You know... I was talking to a friend recently about how what is "romantic" is much more than the stereotypes on movies and books. My friend said that romantic is being able to be utterly yourself with another person, in love. I think you two just proved that. And in such a funny way. I love the name tags! :)))

    1. Oh yes, I believe in it, too. I mean that what is romantic is different for each couple. I know one friend who doesn't like all the romantic stuff that are shown in Hollywood movies. One time there was a guy who liked her, took her on a date in his car and then he started SINGING for her. Instead of feeling good, she said she wanted to jump right out of the car right then and there he he he he...

      Sense of humor is something I truly appreciate and yes, to be utterly oneself with another person, in love, is something I cherish. And sense of humor has saved us during our infertility journey many many times. :-) And we have many other nicknames for each other. I was thinking maybe I should order T-shirts for me and him with BFF and LFF written on them. Our personal insider's joke ha ha ha...