Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Writing Challenge: Disturbing

This is what I found disturbing:

Blogging along mostly for myself, trying to work on my thoughts or simply to record some events in my life...and then one day a popular blogger shared a particular post and suddenly that post had over a hundred views that day. Feeling overwhelmed, excited, and thankful at the same time for the flood of visitors.

After that, every now and then whenever I feel really good about a certain post, I wish for that kind of validation/attention again, even though that shouldn't be my goal at all. And then I wished I hadn't gotten the validation/attention in the first place because then my life as a blogger would have been more peaceful.

Back to earth, blogger! Back to earth! 



  1. Very honest post, and accurate for a lot of bloggers.

    Blogging is a two-edged sword. I was telling a friend the other day that blogging is an expression of narcissism. It does help put together my thoughts. It gets me in the practice of writing consistently. But, oh those hits and comments. It is like sugar sometimes and I hate that about myself sometimes. I am trying to keep things in proper perspective, but it is hard.

    Maybe we can start a support group. ;)

    1. I think in this era, there are many places besides just blogging where people can be tempted to be narcissists, because the notion is that the more views/clicks/followers/subscribers/whatever = the more popular you are.

      I've read an article about a mother being so concerned over her daughter. The daughter has lots of friends in FB and whenever she changes her profile photo, she gets lots and lots of likes. Then out of curiosity, she asks her daughter, "If you update your profile photo and doesn't get many likes, what will you do?"

      Automatically she replied, "I'm going to take the photo down, because that means the photo isn't good."

      Even in youtube it's the same thing and I've only found out recently that you can earn money there that way = by getting likes/followers/subscribers.

      I'm concerned with the new generation who grows up with these things as their normal. A support group? Well, if you're willing to start it, then why not? I'll join you he he...

  2. Wow, 100 views?! Which post? The Random days, in particular point 4? I'm reading Jeff's praise above and thinking it must be that one? I can imagine you were overwhelmed, excited and thankful.

    1. No, Nikki, actually it was in my infertility blog - one day a popular blogger linked one of my posts he he...