Saturday, December 06, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. This funny conversation between two female and a male at a supermarket.

F#1: (tapping the other female's shoulder in front of her) "Good evening, girl."
F#2: (turning around) "Oh, good evening, girl."
M: (behind the two of them) "Evening, girls."
F#1: (turning around) "Evening, boy. Well, we are both girls and you are indeed a boy."

Hint: All three of them were retired HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHH...LOVE a good sense of humour!

2. Hubby went away for a pre-Christmas party with his boss and coworkers and I got a sweet SMS from him. 

3. Despite the fact that someone got sick at work and there was nobody else to replace her and it was the day before Finnish Independence Day (when the store got closed), it went very well at work. 

4. Our store is closed for Independence Day, so everybody at work definitely gets a day off. :-D 

5. Listening to this Christmas song:


  1. Here's to a good sense of humor, days off, Christmas songs and sweet texts! A great combination.

    1. Yep, thanks, Nikki. This week was a very busy week again, but for the next few weeks I should have less busy schedule. :-)