Monday, February 16, 2009

Dead Tired

Hi, people!

Just wanna let you know that I'm still alive and kicking...well, kicking rather weakly, that is ha ha ha...Finally our internet connection is on, but the place is still a mess. Arttu has just finished putting my computer together, so we're using the second bedroom for our gaming/reading room. We've bought another bookcase as we're running out of space.

I've also just bought a used bicycle from R2's second brother's girlfriend since her daughter's now too tall for the bike. PERFECT for me hi hi hi hi...I don't realize that it's SO tiring to ride a bike on snow!!! This morning I tried it out and my legs just went sore even though it was such a short journey.

I was dead tired today that after I came back home from work, I just slept like a baby in a few seconds!!! Anyway, I can't take pics yet as we still have to arrange more stuff, but I promise to show your our new love nest later on when I have more time and everything is neater he he he he he he he...

Meanwhile, I'll catch up with you later, OK? Need to organize some stuff still he he...We still don't have enough time to get used to the apartment since we're so busy doing this and that, but so far so good. We're enjoying the more space we get. DEFINITELY he he he he he...

See ya soon, friends! I've missed youuuuu!!!!!


  1. get some rest, when you can sounds like you need it.

  2. Cycling is really a good form of exercise. I don't own one so usually got to rent it from the park :)

  3. Enjoy creating your new nest. :-)

  4. If you are not too tired, come to see my new post "when I was a little" ;)

  5. Oh i am so happy for you. I am trying to imagine you running all over fussing about making your new place into your home.

    I remember when we fist got here I was so thrilled.

    And as for not being around ...well I have been absent a lot too!! I guess I am just getting old.

    It takes me longer and longer everyday....and I still can't get it all done!!

    I'm so happy for you!!:-)))))