Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby bought me a 3-step stool for the kitchen since the shelves are SOOOOO high for me!

2. Bought MIL two types of tulips for Valentine's Day (AKA Friendship Day in Finland). Funny thing was that she was thinking of buying herself some tulips before that, but it was such a cold day downtown that she cancelled it. Actually at first I was going to buy a different type of flowers, but for some reason I was drawn to those tulips. I'm SO HAPPY that she got the flowers that she had been wanting!

3. My MIL gave me such a TIGHT and LONG hug after I gave her the flowers. ;-D

4. I wrote and left a love note for hubby (Post-It note) on the car as I was walking out to get some newspaper from the PO since I saw his car parked nearby (he was working on some computers at the City Hall). I knew that note would surprise him and it did! ;-D

5. Hubby brought some chips today ---> this is a coincidence since I've been craving for some chips, too HO HO HO HO...

6. I'm going to make some pancakes soon. YUM YUM...

7. Despite the financial situation, we can still afford living in a nice, warm place and also go on a vacation in summer. THANK YOU GOD for His BLESSINGS!!!


  1. So sweet of your MIL. I missed those hugs from my parents & MIL. Its just very rarely we hug each other over here.

    Hmmmm... so what you wrote for you hubby?? hehehehe ;p

    The pic goes along so well with your caption. May God bless everyone :)

  2. Sweet of yo with the note for yr hubby.

  3. Isn't that best feeling when you gave somebody, something that they have been wanting??

  4. wonderful blessing you got, Amel.

  5. Hi there

    How were your pancakes?

    Nice to hear you left a note for hubby. I think things like that make all the difference.

    And you must have picked up the tulips vibe! They're one of my fav flowers. Good choice. Glad MIL was pleased with them.

    I wish you a happy, blessful weekend.

  6. you are just the simply one of the sweetest souls I have ever known Amelia!

    We should all be so blessed to have a disposition such as yours!!

    Big hugs to you!!:-)))))