Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Photos

Today was such a lovely day at -10'C, though under the sun it was more like -6'C he he are some photos I took, including my new (used) bike. I didn't ride it since we were in such a hurry and I put my bike in the warehouse, so it was a hassle to take it out and ride it just to take a pic. At least you can see what it looks like ha ha ha...

I'm ordering a big bag to put behind the bike since I'll need to bring my big dictionary with me to the Finnish classes, so I thought that the bag would be useful since my bike doesn't have any basket. Besides, my bike is small (remember I'm only 145 cm), so I can't buy a big basket to put at the front.

Here are some horse pics, as well ha ha...they were eating right next to my in-laws' yard.

I've also been browsing my grammar books and while I did realize that I remembered many more words than last year, there are still SO many things I don't know and I'm SO eager to learn more and more and more Finnish so that I can express myself better in Finnish (not just in short phrases) he he he...

OK, time to blog-hop a bit. Hope your weekend has been fine, friends. :-D


  1. i've also a kid's bike hehehe..... :)

  2. Jeanne: How tall are you? :-D

    Michelle: It was such a lovely day. Today is also the same sunny day he he...

    Blur Ting: Yep...still so snowy here. Last year all the snow was only gone in May or was it the end of April? Something like that he he...

  3. I love the tree picture.
    Nice to see your smiley face too.

  4. I really love pictures of snow! So peaceful!

  5. man I love snow. Makes me hungry now hahaha!