Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Randomz Babblz

Since this post may be filled with ramblings, I'll just write a list he he he...

1. SO THANKFUL that we've got enough money to book a 2-week trip to Rhodes Island, Greece, next June. R2 has just paid the down payment. WHOOOPPEEEEEEEEEE!!! This will be our first trip ever to that place he he he he...---> We didn't really plan on going anywhere, so it was kind of a spur-in-the-moment decision he he...

Actually we don't know yet what to see, so any tips and tricks if you've been there before? Well, I'm going to browse around later on to find out what things we have to try or see or visit. ;-D

2. Remember what I said about the cheap used books that I bought from the library? Turns out I get a 50% discount since I'm considered a "worker" there he he he...The usual price for an adult book is €1 whereas a children's or teenager's book is only €0.50 (doesn't matter how thick they are or whether they're hardcovered or not).

I've bought 8 books so far WHOOOPEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I figured that I'm going to really force myself to read more Finnish and it's nicer to have my own books at home so I can read in peace without any hurry ho ho ho ho...Plus now I have enough space to put my books since our new apt. is bigger HO HO HO HO HO...

3. Chatted with two of my best friends on different days. It's funny that we have more time to talk online than in real life, especially since some of them have kids already (young kids!!!) he he he he he...So I'm THANKFUL for the internet!!!

4. My mobile bill has gone up a lot since my Mom learnt how to send the SMS HA HA HA HA...Doesn't matter, though as long as we can still afford it. It used to be only €1 a month and now it's gone up to €5-6, but at least I'm having MUCH MORE FUN with my Mom and I get plenty of updates about the whole family's stories. :-D

5. Called my Mom today. I LOVE talking to her!!! ;-D Always has and always will be.

From the emails my friends and I send to one another, I've begun to realize even more how BIG my Mom's influence is on me. She's like the warm, bright light in my life...always supportive and positive, never critical yet always ready to guide me gently if I'm lost. :-D I'm THANKFUL to have her as a Mom.

6. This Friday we're going to load some more boxes to our new apartment. Next week will be busier than ever, since we HAVE to move at the latest on Sunday, February 15th as our ADSL line will be moved to the new apartment that day. :-D

7. My third project at work is going so slowly. There have been many other side tasks I have to do, so I can't focus much on that. Plus it took me a few days to find out what I wanted to do. But I think I can finish it since I still have time until the end of this month. I just hope it will be good enough. :-D


  1. Oh Amel!!! Are you going to Rhodes Island? Pls take me with you!!!Plssssss!
    You know i couldn't get the visa a few months ago and i still wanna go there. It doesn't matter if it's a city or island... It can be anything Greek!
    And how did you decide for a trip there! Tell me about it.


  2. Burcu: Oh yeah I remember that story! I DO hope I can take you with us!!!!!

    Well, I was talking about visiting a friend in Holland (just an idea, not a real plan) but then R2 said, "If you want to go there alone, I'll go to Greece."

    So we started talking about our possible trip this summer since R2 was thinking we could go abroad.

    So I sent an email to the Greek consulate to ask if I needed a visa to visit Greece. Turns out since I have a Finnish residence permit, I don't need to have a visa to visit Greece.

    Then R2 started browsing around for the packages (hotel and flights) and when he found an affordable one, he asked me if I agreed. OF COURSE I did HE HE HE HE...

  3. Wow, Rhodes here you come!

    I've been to Rhodes and I recommend Rhodes Old Town, with the fishing harbour, the castle walls, quaint streets and shops and the museum sqaure.
    Another place worth visiting is the Valley of The Butterflies. It's beautiful place of nature.

  4. How excited. It must be very nice place if Arttu would go there even without you ;-P

  5. Wow, I think anywhere in Greece sounds good! I would love to go there someday too.

  6. Greece....Greece....you're really getting to go to Greece? Oh you lucky thing you!!

    Oh I am so happy for you. Hi amel, I am back blogging and trying my best to get caught up and stay caught up...whewww....but it's a job.

    I love your new apartment and I am just so happy for you.

    Things are going so very well for you. It seems like just yesterday that you were blogging about just getting starting over there.

    I've missed you big time!!

  7. Wow Amel ! you have been busy lol . We are planning a weekend getaway hopefully without the brats. Hope you and R2 have a good time on your trip.

  8. congrat amel for trip to Greece....

  9. The World According to Me: THANKSSS for the tips! I'll write them down now he he he...

    Febri: LOL LOL!!! Well, his brother has gone there twice and he loves it! ;-D

    Blur Ting: I'm sure an adventurer like you will visit that place someday! ;-D

    Shinade: HI, Jackie! Nice to see you around again and yep, things are going very well indeed. Never thought it would be this way he he he...I've been SO blessed!!!

    Coltfan: A weekend getaway without the kids sounds GREAT!!! HAVE FUN and enjoy the trip...

    Jul: THANKSSSS!!! We're lucky enough to be able to go there he he...