Thursday, April 02, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. Heard from one friend that she's got an office job in Finland (despite the global economic crisis). It's such a NICE break for her, so I'm VERY happy to hear this. It gives me hope, too, that a foreigner can get an office job here, as well.

2. Found an ex-teacher in FB and finally I could write her my long-overdue thank you note. It felt GREAT to be able to tell her how much I appreciated her. :-)))

3. It was so slippery today when I went biking to school and I almost fell down in one part, but glad I didn't! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Realizing some of the mistakes I made in my Finnish test today even before the teacher gave the papers back to me HA HA HA HA HA HA...

5. Reminiscing the past with my ex-school friends in FB. It's FUN to be able to contact many more long-lost friends and reminisce all the naughty times we had at school LOL LOL!!!

6. Being healthy again. The other day I felt like a zombie that I didn't go to school.

7. Having a funny hubby. He makes me smile and laugh and cackle!!! :-D

8. I've sent the papers for Indonesian election to the Indo Embassy in Helsinki. Feels good to be able to participate in the election though I'm far away from home! :-D May whoever wins be given the wisdom along with the power that comes!!!


  1. Yeah FB is great. I found a few high school teachers and even my grade 4 class teacher :)

  2. I did get invitation as well for voting but I will not come for the election ;)

  3. Hello

    Sorry I haven't been about for a while. I've just come back from a wedding in Cyprus.
    Hope you're well.

  4. Facebook has been fun. :-) I wish I had the old style back though. I keep losing things on this new one.

    I found your reply on my book interview. THANK YOU for voting! I don't think I stand a hope of winning, since some people last month had 100 - 200 votes, but it has been so nice to see my friends leaving comments and voting for me. :-)

    About your comment, you said...
    "I thought I was mad…I once told my friend that I couldn’t read while writing since my style would be influenced by the writer whose book I was reading!!! So it’s pretty normal, I guess????"

    From what I've read about picking up accents it seems to be a sign of an empathic person, one who connects to others and so "becomes" them in a way. I'm not surprised you do it, you've always come across as a deeply caring person. :-)

  5. I hope the candidate you voted for wins! I know it meant a lot to me when mine won last November.
    You are also right about your friend having a job. It feels awful not having a job.
    Also, Amel, I really loved the newspaper article about you! You took a nice picture too!!

  6. Feb: COOL1!! :-D I haven't met any elementary school teachers yet he he...

    Jul: Helsinki is too far away from here, so I also won't go there, but I did vote already. :-D

    The World According to Me: Yeah, I've just visited you. GREAT wedding! ;-D

    Michelle: I know what you mean, but now since I visit FB so much, I'm getting used to the new style too he he...

    You're VERY welcome on the vote. You deserve it! :-D

    THANK YOU for your input on "picking up things". :-D HUGS!!!

    Vince: Yeah, I hope so too, 'coz I believe they can make a difference he he he...

    Glad you liked the newspaper article!!! :-D