Sunday, April 19, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. After accidentally banging my head to a cabinet in the kitchen, I ran to hubby and told him what happened and he kissed and rubbed the pain away HO HO HO HO...Yeah, I CAN be a spoilt girl!!! *cheeky grin*

2. The look on my MIL's face when she told me the story of how she met my FIL (yeah, still the look of a woman in love). They met 49 years ago and have been married for over 47 years now.

3. Practising my Finnish as I told my MIL so many stories. Go, Amel, go!!!

4. Progress. Looking back on the past and comparing them with the present gives me a boost of encouragement. 1,5 years ago after I started learning Finnish on my own for a while, I tried reading very easy children's books (with more pictures than texts) but the progress was VERY VERY slow (it took an hour just to understand fully the text on one page).

These days if I really spend time to read regular children's books (with more texts than pictures), I can move forward MUCH faster (esp. if the story interests me, then I can read more pages each day - but of course I still need to use my dictionary).

5. Now that most of the snow has melted away from many parts of downtown, I can try strengthening my legs by using gear 2, 3 or even 4 when riding my bike. WOOOHOOO!!!

6. Buying more flower seeds for my MIL and seeing some of them being grown inside the house (it's not safe to put them outside yet) makes me feel EXCITED!!! Gonna take LOTS of pics of her flowers again later on!!!

7. Last night hubby didn't play any computer games with his friends after we went back home from my in-laws. Instead he watched a movie with me. :-D

8. Telling hubby that I'm such a LUCKY girl to have him in my life. :-D


  1. are lucky he didn't play online games at pc hi hi hi... if you have time, visit my blog today. I made scrapbook about me and Jason

  2. I love how you always keep being positive and how determined you are to tackle the language learning, yoáu go girl! :)

  3. Oh, you really must show us how the seeds are growing!

  4. Jul: YEEESSS he he...

    Bitter Chocolate: THANK YOUUUU!!! :-D

    Blur Ting: OK, I'll take some pics of the seeds next Saturday. ;-D

  5. Hey Amel!

    How are you darling?

    So, you are already telling stories to your MIL, eh? Way to go, Gorgeous :D!! Go, Amel, go!

    You have come a long way indeed, which is marvellous, isn't it? Progress is always a marvellous thing!

    You are indeed lucky, for you are loved and love back! :D

    Have a great week, beautiful!


  6. You're such a lucky gal indeed.
    Show us the pic of the flower when they bloomed eventually :):)

    Those are the seed of LOVE :):)

  7. glad to hear all is going fine with you ..... :D
    still enjoying FB ? hahahha :D

  8. Max: I've been fine, thanks!!! :-D And THANKS for the encouragement!!! Yep, progress is marvelous he he...You too, have a beautiful week!

    Janice: Definitely!!! :-D Well, I only bought her some flower seeds and she got some from somewhere and she bought some, there'll be MANY different kinds HO HO HO HO...

    Jeanne: Yeah, FB is still enjoyable he he...:-D