Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Snaps

I haven't been doing anything much in the blogosphere lately, 'coz I've spent more time reading Finnish at home. I'm close to finishing one children's book and I still have TONS of Finnish books to read. YIIIPPPPPPIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!

Anyway, yesterday I had some luck with a hare...but before I showed you the pics of the hare, I've promised Blur Ting that I'll take some pics of my MIL's flower plants being prepared inside the house before being taken out later on when the weather is warm enough. It's been around 8-10'C when it's sunny outside these days, but at nights it can still be 0'C.
I'm afraid I don't know the names of these flower plants, but I'll take more pics when the flowers bloom, OK? HI HI HI...

Look at how wet it is outside when all the snow around the yard starts to melt!!!

Yesterday in-laws also needed help with some wood, so R2 was the one who had to be "Sodankylä's Chainsaw Killer" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Last but not least, here are two pics of the hare. I've also taken a short video clip of it, but haven't converted it and uploaded it yet, so maybe I'll show it to you people later, OK?

Notice that it's changing its colour to prepare itself for summer. It'll be brown in summer and pure white in winter so that it won't be easy to track it. A few weeks ago when my MIL showed me two hares playing about outside in the neighbour's yard, I almost couldn't see them, especially if they weren't moving. Since that day I'd been HOPING that I could take some good pics of just one of them and my hope came true yesterday HUE HE HE HE HE...

Wish you've had a FAB weekend, friends! I have a slight headache, so I'm going to blog-hop only later. Tomorrow evening we'll have our study group, so I should prepare to find some topics to talk about in Finnish. Last Friday I tried this kind of study group with only one friend and we also talked about what we could do. It was good practise anyway! :-D

And earlier today I went to a free lunch for foreigners, so I didn't have much time to do any blog-hopping today. Unfortunately not all my friends could make it, but the local priest came to our table to eat and talk to us, so it was good practise for me too he he he...The food was great, too!!! And we got some ice-cream as dessert HO HO HO HO HO HO...;-D


  1. The plants are lovely, love to see growing plants. The hare is cute, very cute.

  2. looks your flower plans is grows well ;)

  3. The plants are cute, are they some kind of herbs? Must work like quite a mood-raiser to be surrounded by them in the house if it's still so cold up there... Love the hare, I've never seen a white one, seems like their hidden way too well in the winter for me to ever come across them :)

  4. Hey Amel,

    Such beautiful plants, girl! Your MIL is very gifted!
    But what I really loved seeing was the hare: so cute!!! :D
    I used to have two bunnies: one black and another white (they were so adorable)!

    Anyway, Gorgeous, I hope you are having fun in Lapland! My weekend was great and I can see that yours was too :D!

    I wish you a great week, full of Finnish convos and love!


  5. the hare pictures are cute!!

  6. It looks like you will be needing rubber boots for awhile. Love the Hare pics. I'm surprised he/she sat there and let you take the picture. They usually tend to run if you approach. Good job!

  7. Hi Amel,

    Have you ever watch the Stilletto Race before?

  8. Thanks for the plant pictures! They look so healthy. I have come to realise that you need green fingers for seeds to sprout too. Not all of mine sprout everytime you know!

  9. Nice hare. I hope it wasn't lost in the snow. So white & flurry :):)

  10. Long time no visit, very pretty layout.

    And that's a very tasty looking rabbit lol...

  11. GLAD everybody enjoys the pics. Anyway, the plants are flower plants and they're my MIL's plants. I have ABSOLUTELY NO green thumb!!!

    Bogey: I wasn't outside when I took the pics. I took the pics from the kitchen window with my camera's pretty good zoom. :-)))) Fortunately the hare stayed rather close to the house, so I could take pretty decent pics using the zoom he he...

  12. Congrats on your Finnish! I wish my Maltese was that good. I bought a children's book yesterday but still struggling a lot.

    Cool pics. Love the rabbits :)

  13. Whaaa...rajin ya mertua lo, dipotin satu*! :D Kemaren baru ke tempat Cath tea, dia juga seneng berkebon (kebon kecil di belakang rumah sih, lebih kecil drpd backyard gua), jadi banyak taneman di pot* mini or under the glass gitu :D
    Meni bodor baca lo segitu semangetnya ama makanan gratis...gua juga cinta makanan gratis apalagi kalo enaaakk hehehe...

  14. La Delirante: THANKS!!!! Well, I also have to use the dictionary a lot, but still it's the only way to add my vocabulary and sentence structure. :-)))

    Anita: Iya, tiap taun juga gitu da, harus ditanem dulu di dalem rumah, ntar baru dipindahin ke pot2 gede atau ditanem di kebon2 di luar kalo udah summer.

    Yah abis kalo bayar mah hoream atuh da kudu keluar 10 Euro he he he he...