Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. The concerned look on the postman's face as he gave me the big package. He was worried that I might not be able to carry it all the way to the library (or maybe he thought I was going to take it home). Such a thoughtful postman!!!

2. I decided to get the daily Helsinki newspaper from the PO by bike and it was an ABSOLUTELY GREAT decision as I had to bring that big package with me. I'm GLAD I bought two ropes for my bike, so I could just put the package behind me safely with the ropes.

3. I groaned to hubby, "Honnneeeeyyyy...I want some pancakes, but I'm too lazy to make them." A few hours later after our naps, he went to the kitchen to make them HO HO HO HO...I'm a LUCKY SPOILED GIRL!!!

4. There's a gathering for foreigners and their families in Sodankylä this Sunday in one of the churches and they offer free lunch. The idea is to make the foreigners feel at home here and also to make them meet the locals. I've called the woman in charge to book my place already. We'll see how it goes!!! This is the first time I've ever known such a gathering. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

5. I'm halfway done a children's novel (Finnish novel) that I bought in Rovaniemi. 

6. I fell off my bike the other day because I went too fast (with gear 3) on a snowy stretch of road, but I didn't hurt myself badly. Phew!!! And nobody saw me HI HI HI HI HI I was saved from any embarrassment!!! 


  1. About no. 6, lucky you are not hurt and nobody see you :)

  2. I like #3. It's nice to get pancakes AND have an awesome spouse!!

  3. Jul: YEAH! :-D

    Vince: Yep...I didn't even have to ask HE HE HE...

  4. Number 4 sounds like it could be a lot of fun. It's a nice opportunity to live in another country and learn a new language. Also, just think of all of the new recipes you can learn. That is.....unless hubby really spoils you and does the cooking!

  5. How is the weather there, my friend? I wish you a happy weekend

  6. Nothing worse than falling over in front of an audience! Please visit my blog. I don't think I've had a visitor from Finland and would be very pleased to welcome you to my Virtual Book Launch, if you're interested.

  7. Haha...Don't you just love having a loving hubby? The same exact thing happened to me yesterday, and I ate 4 totally delicious fluffy pancakes..yum..

  8. Sorry to hear that you came of your bike Amel.. having been there myself, I feel for you!

    The hardest part is the picking yourself up and getting back on the bike and still using it!

    Glad you didn't get hurt!
    Love Michelle x

  9. Or perhaps he thought it was a bomb? LOL