Sunday, April 05, 2009

Is Silence Golden?

I've been lazy in doing anything much for the past few days (other than the fact that I've been feeling tired so easily). Nothing much to say in this blog, either. That doesn't mean to say that I haven't got many things on my mind, because I do.

OK, so this post will be a rambling one. I've found myself becoming more Finnish in a way (I THINK). In what way? I'm becoming more and more used to SILENCE. Even at work when there are gaps in conversations, I don't feel like saying anything. Am I becoming more and more of a hermit? silence really golden? Not when you're trying to learn a new language, but still I find that silence is comforting.

By the way, I bought an ovulation test pack the other day to try out later this month. Well, basically speaking I know already what my mucus is like when I'm fertile (which is like egg white), BUT I thought, "What the heck! There's no harm done in knowing FOR SURE when I'm ovulating."

The thing is, my menstruation cycle is rather crazy though regular - sometimes it's 32 days, sometimes 35, sometimes 39 days! And I read that sometimes your ovulation days are later or even before the usual since we have 3 more months before the TTC year is over (which means that I have to go to the doctor to check myself up if I'm not pregnant by then), I just want to make the best of that time. If nothing happens yet, then at least I won't say later on, "Dang, I wished I had tried buying that ovulation test pack!"

I've also been thinking about my "choices": what I want to do in the future after this training ends. The options are:

1. Finding a job ---> which won't be too easy.
2. Going back to school ---> which would take at least 3 years.
3. Going on a short course.
4. Going on another training. ---> but this is my last option.

Well, I think after this training ends, I'm going to focus on our holiday first, then I'll try applying for part-time jobs...Wish me luck then!!!


  1. Good Luck for your choices....

  2. if you have time, check out my post today about Elissa's birthday party at Jeanne's house ;)

  3. Sometimes it is better to stay quiet when you know that words will not make any difference or add value to a situation. It's being selective and it's good. I was trying to explain that to YK because I want him to learn to think before he speaks so he can filter out all the unnecessary words before he speak out. I think it is something we learn and master as we grow older.