Friday, November 20, 2009

Wii Sports Resorts

R2 ordered Wii Sports Resorts plus the Wii Motion Plus devices a while ago. However, they ran out of the CD, so the devices came first without our being able to do anything about it. The CD came two days before I flew to Indo and that day we spent hours trying out the new games in the CD.

It was SO much fun!!! Of course I lost in many games - I've never been too good at games like this and for games that focuses on speed, I tend to be SO stressed out that I react later than I want my body to react he he he he he...

For example, in one game you and another person should try to follow the direction on screen - whether you have to slice things vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally...and I tried concentrating too hard that my reaction time became SO bad...ugh!!!

Funny thing is that if I got very bad records and I started looking so sad, R2 would feel bad about that, esp. if I had tried a few times with similar "lousy" results hi hi hi hi...However, if we're almost equal in a particular game, then we'll become downright competitors and whenever one of us gets a new record, the winner will be doing a "happy dance" whereas the loser would be lolling his/her tongue out HA HA HA HA HA...

I think my fave game so far is the swordplay. Makes me feel like a ninja when I play that game hi hi...I'm telling ya that it's SO tiring, as well. Hours after we stopped gaming, my arms started to HURT so much that even combing my hair felt more like a chore than just a simple act. I felt like a granny already ha ha ha ha...bad bad stamina!!! I'm sure after I come back from Indo, we'll be having more fun playing the game. ;-D Can't wait to go back home!!! ;-D


  1. Yes, Wii is very very popular here in Illinoiss/Chicago area. I guess you are able to bowl as well. My kids have Guitar Hero and I have a lot of fun playing with them.

  2. Hmm...i hope we could buy wii soon :D

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