Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Another Snowman!

Feeling SO sleepy now 'coz I had a bit of a hard time to sleep last night. Why? Four days of holiday (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) made me sleep late and wake up late, so when it was time to sleep last night, my body wasn't used to the usual schedule anymore. Ugh...

However, that didn't stop me from making a snowman in our yard today HA HA HA...here's my latest creation. Wanted to make a MUCH bigger one, but didn't have enough energy. Besides, 'coz again I couldn't simply roll a small ball around to make a big ball, making this one took a lot of time 'coz I had to build it the hard way - one handful of snow at a time.

The difference is that this snowman has eyebrows HA HA HA HA HA...and also "arms" and hands.

Went by bike to work today, though it took a long time 'coz there was slush and ice and water everywhere. If I had ridden my bike fast, I'd have fallen so easily in many parts. Good thing was that I could see the GROUND/GRASS in some parts already. WOOOHOOO!!! Spring is definitely here! The temperature today is around 5'C, SO warm!


  1. How lucky you can make snow man anytime you want. Many people in the tropics have never touched snow their entire life!

  2. Hah hah hah! A wonderful snowman. I'm smiling from ear to ear :)

  3. Blur Ting: Not anytime I want, actually. If the temperature is so cold I can't make it. That was why I decided to make the best of this "wet weather" 'coz otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make any snowman nor any snowball. But you're right, whenever I even think of complaining about snow, I just close my eyes and remember all those people in Indo who are DYING to touch snow or play with snow. Then I'll feel very grateful again. :-D

    Rita: Glad it made you smile so widely! :-D