Sunday, November 04, 2007

First Wedding Anniversary: Starry, Starry Night!

Venue: My parents-in-laws' cabin. No electricity. We lit the fireplace, some candles, and an oil lamp. Dates: November 2nd - 3rd, 2007. Occasion: First Wedding Anniversary.

Food: Hamburger and sausages, cooked in the fireplace.

Drinks: Cold cider and plain water.

Music: Anything the radio played that night.

Temperature: Around -5'C to -9'C. (I got out a few times to pee in the outdoor toilet)

Bonuses: A box of Praline chocolate, a VERY starry night sky, and a crescent.

Note: It was an AWESOME sight! The cabin was located far away from city lights so the stars were prominent in the sky. I didn't know that the stars could be seen even very low above the horizon. There were literally tens of thousands or probably a million stars that I could see everywhere I turned!!! Gosh!!! I almost wanted to throw a sleeping bag on the ground and just camp there under the stars he he he...

Magical Moments:

1. Hubby gazed at me for a LONG time as though he was looking at me for the first time, with lovey-dovey eyes. Mmmmm...*drool*

2. Se on salaisuus. It's a secret. *wink* Too personal to tell here HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

3. Having enough quality time with my hubby. We talked about our rough plans for the future. I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same track. We also talked about the past, about last year's wedding and honeymoon. We both agree that this year is DEFINITELY MUCH better than last year. ;-D

4. Gazing at the stars whenever I came out to pee in the outdoor toilet. Mmmmh...I kept on turning my head round and round and round and there was no spot in the sky that wasn't covered by the stars. Amazing!!! Then when I came out the second time, I saw a crescent in the sky along with the stars. My, my, my!!!

5. My mother-in-law has already planned to give me something for my upcoming birthday on November 29th. BLESS HER HEART!!!! How can I not love that woman? ;-D She was going to give me some money for a haircut he he he...Hubby helped me explain to her that I wasn't planning on cutting my hair yet as I wanted long hair to help warm up my ears during winter. ;-D

Receiving so many anniversary well-wishes from family, friends, blogger friends. ;-D

Here are some pics:

We arrived at the cabin at around 9 pm. We arrived in Kelujärvi already at 6 pm, but then Arttu had to go to the cabin first to warm it up. He got back after a while and then we played some cards after drinking coffee and eating some buns (we = me, Arttu, and my mother-in-law). The sky DID look GORGEOUS like that in the morning (I took the first pic at around 7.20 am).

The below pic was taken right when we arrived at the cabin. It was pitch dark already by then. I am eating sausage ha ha ha ha ha ha...

The below pic was taken at around 7 am. It was so foggy.

This crescent pic isn't too clear. Next time I'd better bring my tripod 'coz there are just some things I can't capture well without it.

The sun was shining brightly at around 10 am. We were preparing to leave the cabin to go back to my in-laws' place to enjoy breakfast there.

Me posing in front of the semi-frozen lake in front of the cabin he he...

This is the inside of the cabin. Yes, we had to cram ourselves by sleeping on that single bed he he he he he...Right on to the right side is a long table, then you can see the two single beds, and two fireplaces on the left side. The open fireplace is no longer used.

The below pic was taken in summer. I posted it here so you can see the other side of the cabin. Yeah, as you can see, one of my most fave spots on earth is Arttu's lap he he he he he he...

Arttu had to scrape ice layer from our car windows. Our car was covered by a thin layer of ice.

This below video isn't too clear, but you can at least see what we did with the burger steaks ha ha ha ha ha...


  1. Nice pic. I love the pic of you by the lake :):)

    I like the thought of dressing all warm & cozy in winter wear... hehe ;p

    Janice Ng

  2. Amel, its me again....I forgot to wish you a blissful first wedding anniversary & many more to come....

    Cheers to you :)

    Janice Ng

  3. Janice: THANKS for your well-wishes!!! ;-D Yeah, I'm crossing my fingers so that someday you and your family can go to a snowy place and have loads of fun there he he...

  4. Oh my! So romantic! Happy anniversary! You're so blessed... I can imagine your joy when your hubby gaze into your lovely face :-) Ah, so romantic, you two!

  5. Blur Ting: THANKS!!! ;-D Yeah, I know I'm lucky. ;-D Well, he's not romantic 24/7 but he can be romantic at times...making me surprised every now and then. I TRULY love that sentimental guy! ;-D

  6. Amel you look so very happy. Congratulations on your anniversary!! I love all of the pictures....thanks so much for sharing with us. You look simply beautiful and that man of yours looks vey nice!!:_)HUgs!!

  7. Shinade: THANK YOU, Jackie!!! ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics! Yeah, we enjoyed our trip so much he he he he...

  8. That sounds so romantic and cozy! I'm glad you had such a wonderful anniversary!

  9. Kathy: Yeah, me too!!! ;-D It was just a relaxing time to spend our day together without any distractions he he he...

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary!!
    Amel,you are looking beautiful. your face is shining with happiness.Great moments....
    Thanks for sharing lovely pictures.
    God bless.

  11. Surjit: THANK YOU for the well-wishes and the compliment. ;-D Yeah, I shall cherish these moments forever! ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics!!!

  12. Lovely! And happy anniversary again.

  13. Hi Amel,
    Happy anniversary!
    You guys look very happy!

  14. Hey Amelia,

    I'll return later on to comment on this post, I just wanted to say that that moon is not crescent; it is yawning, girl!


  15. Mother Hen: THANK YOU!!!! ;-D

    Frasypoo: THANKS, Frasy! Glad you enjoyed the photos he he he...

    Max: HA HA HA's yawning, eh? OK, then. ;-D

  16. Hey again,

    I am so glad you had a great weekend :)!

    As usual, I loved the pictures: specially of the ones of the yawning moon, you posing in front of the semi-iced lake, the sun shining at 10am, you in the fog lol (wasn't it too cold?), and you eating the sausage lol lol (this was cute, cause you looked like a happy kid eating oreos :)...).

    I have already added your birthday to my calendar, so I won't forget :)! Your mom in law is adorable :).


  17. Max: THANKS, Girl!!! Glad you loved the pics. ;-D

    HA HA HA HA...A happy kid eating Oreo? Yeah...Arttu caught me in the act. I was eating the sausage and he grabbed my camera and took that pic. YUMMY sausage! ;-D

    Yeah, my mom-in-law's really something! ;-D

  18. Ahhh Amel... you are so darling!

    Your bright and sparkly smile just lights up the cabin!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time together!

    Lots of love,


  19. Amel, thats great and beautiful! I am so happy you had a romantic anniversary! Hope all the best for your marriage and hope the 'seeds' grow in your belly soon! hahahaha...

    eh, where's the squirrel? Did you find any? Is that video, taken by that squirrel? hihihi

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

  20. Jen: THANKS for your compliment on my smile he he he...Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    Trinity: "SEEDS"?!?!?!?!?! HA HA HA HA HA...No, I can't have a baby yet. I still have a full-time course starting next January. If there's no continuation course after that, then we'll think about having a baby he he he...

    Unfortunately there was no squirrel, but I found some more birds. ;-D

  21. Amel,
    As always I am late again, so Happy Belated Anniversary. I am glad to see that you and your hubby had a good time. I loved the picture of you by the lake. It was avery good picture of you.

    I hope when you went out to use the outdoor restroom you at least warmed up the seat first, BRRRRR, HE HE HE HE :)

    I want a burger! HE HE HE

  22. Sindi: It's allright, Sindi, not to worry he he...THANKS for your well-wishes. ;-D

    HE HE HE...I'm afraid it's impossible to warm up the seat of the outdoor toilet since it was made out of wood ha ha ha ha...

    I hope you'll get your burger then he he he he...

  23. 2. He he he he he....

    Happy Anniversary, again, Amel!!Thanks for sharing the pixies...nice!! ;D

    I hope mine would be going on smoothly next Feb. Glad yours were blissful.

    So, your birthday is on Nov 29...I must not forget to mark my calendar!! ;P

  24. Choc Mint Girl: Hey, Buddy! ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Yeah, I hope you'll TOTALLY enjoy yours as well next Feb. :-))) Any special plan? ;-D

    HE HE HE HE...Don't worry about my birthday. I'll probably write something that day hi hi hi...

  25. It sounds like you guys enjoyed yourselves very much im so happy for you.the pictures are very beatiful.and the food sounds yummy HA!! Happy Anniversary