Monday, April 26, 2010

Back from Crete!

As some of you might have guessed, our holiday was extended due to the cancelled flights all over Europe (or at least in most countries in Europe). That's why only yesterday afternoon we arrived back in our place. We're broke due to the extended holiday, but at least it was still within our budget, though once we found out that we might not be able to get back home as planned, we had to really be on a tight holiday budget - but still the weather was perfect the week of our supposed holiday (ranging between 17-29'C) - a day or two after that it rained for a few hours until midday (it rained hard), so we could only get out to the city after midday.

Haven't had time to blog-hop or do anything much 'coz we had no internet access while we were there (our mobiles aren't connected to the net) and we didn't want to spend much time at the computer rental (of course). Unfortunately 'coz it's not high season yet, all of the museums were closed still.

Good thing was that even though our flights were postponed (first to last week's Wednesday and then to last Saturday), we could still stay in the same hotel for free (really impressed with the management of the hotel), though we had to move rooms twice. Funnily, the first time we had to move to a different room, we got a MUCH better unobstructed view 'coz there was a balcony straight from our bedroom. :-D :-D :-D Lucky us! :-D

Anyway, I'm not going to write too long yet...just wanna tell you that I'm alive and kicking ha ha ha ha...and I'll share some pics with you here...tell you later about everything else and I'll blog-hop bit by bit sometime this week...hope you're all doing fine!

1st pic: The view from our bedroom window (the first room we stayed in during the first week). We stayed in Village Heights Golf Resorts, Crete. The dark blue part below the sky is the ocean.

2nd photo: The view from our living room window of the second apartment we stayed in (I'll show you a video clip of this view later on). Again the dark blue part is the ocean.

3rd pic: View of the sea in Hersonissos.

4th pic: Another view of the same spot, taken from a lower ground. LOVE this idyllic place!

5th pic: Seagulls "dancing" right above our heads in the hotel area one beautiful day...there were SO many of them (many more than I could capture in one pic)!


  1. Wow, such a beautiful place! I don't mind getting stuck there for a few days!

  2. Welcome back! Crete looks just amazing from the photos!!! And you really lucked out on being able to stay extra nights for free!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great holiday. The weather looks gorgeous. What a wonderful gesture from the management of the hotel to let you stay there for free, under the circumstances! I think you should send them a thank you post card - i.e. if you have money for the stamp :D

  4. Blur Ting: Well, the problem was that we didn't know when we could really go back to Finland, so after that we really had to be careful with our spending 'coz we feared what would happen if we had to stay there longer (even if the accommodation is free).

    Bitter Chocolate: THANKS!!! Yeah, we did luck out, didn't we? HE HE...

    Rita: That's a GREAT idea about the postcard! :-D Well, they said that they gave us the free rooms (us and other stranded tourists there) 'coz the people who were supposed to come couldn't come, so they had enough empty rooms.

  5. Beautiful place. :-)

    I'm glad you were stuck there and not stuck somewhere boring like an airport as some poor people were.

    That was nice of them to let everyone stuck stay for free. :-) What an adventure your holiday turned into, eh? ;-)

  6. Someone up there obviously decided that you needed a longer holiday! :D Much better to have been stuck out there than being stuck at home and unable to get out there... that must have been rotten for those people.

    Thank you for my lovely Goddess and spices etc.. again! xx

  7. Glad you're back safe and sound. Hope you're not too broke with the extra spending?
    Pics are stunning.

  8. Michelle: Yeah, we were lucky 'coz we got to call the airline before we tried going to the airport (plus going there means we have to pay 35 Euros per trip by taxi) he he...

    Michelle: Yeah, it's true about the "forced" extended holiday hi hi...That's exactly what R2 said to me: about how miserable it felt for those people who were about to fly to Greece, but couldn't do so and they had to postpone their holidays and go back to work. ARRRGGHHH...UR VERY welcome!!!

    The World According to Me: Gladly we didn't have to withdraw extra money from the bank, though we did try to be as stingy as possible during the second week hi hi...