Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just wanna say to everybody who's celebrating it:

Yesterday at the daycare a priest visited us to talk to the kids about Jesus, His death, and His victory over death. The teacher had been teaching the kids some Easter songs and she'd also been reading about Jesus to the kids. It was funny when the priest started talking to the kids, some of them butted in 'coz they wanted to share what they knew he he he...Some of the workers there had decorated the gym hall to symbolize Jesus' journey - from the last supper to the cross to the tomb until He rose again.

After the priest said that she wouldn't give any of her children as a saviour over mankind's sins, one kid asked, "Then why did He do it?" The priest said, "Because God loves us so much."

Funny thing was that one kid said, "But I would give my own kids to save mankind" HE HE HE HE HE HE...

And then there was also a talk about heaven and one kid said that he would bring all his earthly stuff to heaven - as well as his pets (and then the other kids started talking about what they wanted to bring to heaven) HI HI HI HI...The priest of course explained that in heaven there would be no need for material things 'coz it'd be so much more beautiful than earth. It was endearing to see some of them getting really excited talking about Jesus and answering the priest' questions and asking her questions.

Anyhow, we're not doing anything much 'coz R2 has to be on-call again until Monday, but we'll still drop by at my in-laws' tomorrow as usual. We're just taking it easy before our Crete trip next weekend. WOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :-D


  1. Happy Easter.

    Looking forward to see you photos later :D

  2. Happy Easter, Amel! How are you?
    Will visit you again tomorrow. I got lots of catching up to do. ;-)

  3. Happy Easter, darling! =) The kids are cute & smart, eh? Must have been really funny listening to them =)

  4. Jul + Max + Fish + Liza: THANKS for dropping by! :-D

    CMG: Glad you're back! :-D I've been fine, thanks.

    Shinta: Yeah, it was really funny listening to them hi hi hi...

  5. Happy Easter, Amel!
    Btw, Olaf had arrived a week ago and he's been on the way to Germany since last Thursday. Sorry, I haven't told you in advance about it.

  6. Henny: NO WORRIES about Olaf. I was just worried if it got lost on the way or not he he he...Shinta has told me that you'd been busy.