Monday, December 29, 2008

A Funny Incident

Today went to a store after work, since I need a new winter jacket as my old one's (the baby blue one) now getting worn out around the neck and there are big discounts in the store. So I browsed all the jackets and I tried on some of them. I looked around the store to check out even the kids' section and the adults' section as well as the teenagers' section.

As I browsed through the adults' section, I found a jacket hanging weirdly on one of the racks. I tried finding the price tag (that was the second thing I did after looking at a jacket), but to no avail. A few seconds later as I was still trying to find the price tag, a woman standing near me said in English, "It's mine!"


So I immediately said, "Sorry" and she replied, "It's okay", but the second I turned around, I heard her telling the story to her friend with a wide smile on her face (OK, I didn't see her face, but you can tell when someone's telling a story with a smile on their face, right?)

I went out of the store since I'd browsed through the rest of the store and I LAUGHED LIKE CRAZY HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... ---> if someone saw me, they'd think I was nuts hi hi hi...

It was SO SO SO FUNNY LOL LOL LOL!!! I'm going to tell this story to my colleagues tomorrow hi hi hi hi hi...


  1. ops...i miss you post saturday, mel :D Love the photos, wow...snow...

    This post, makes me smile.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post about Marley & Me! Feel free to come back or sign up for the rss feed.

    Regarding your story about trying on someone else's jacket, I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often. I always leave my things lying around when I try on clothes. But it sounds like she was flattered that you liked her jacket.


  3. That is funny! I have just laughed out loud! I bet she tells that story in years to come, whenever the subject of new coats is discussed!

  4. I agree with Monique, she sounded flattered. It hapens all the time.

  5. hehehe..... that's funny. It could be happened some time :D

  6. heh heh, that was funny! Good thing she discovered or else you would have brought it to the cashier!

  7. Ha ha ha... this is so funny!

  8. Hahahahaha :) Ok then why didn't you say her "ok, ma'm it's yours but could u tell me the price and then i'll pay and buy from you" :)

  9. LOL! :D That was funny hahahaa... It happened to me once... I was looking for a luggage when I saw a nice one at the corner and I was actually pulling it around when a woman approached me and claimed that it was her luggage hahahahaaa... Like you, I plainly said, 'Sorry', but deep in my heart I was laughing like crazy. Hubby and I couldn't stop giggling while on the way to another shop. :D

  10. That's a cute story Amel ;-) If you liked it you should have asked where she bought it. Maybe you could have got one for yourself ;-)

  11. Jul: Glad this post made you smile! ;-D

    Monique: You're VERY welcome and THANKS for your opinion. I sure do hope she was flattered he he he...

    The World According to Me: LOL LOL LOL!!! Maybe she will hi hi hi...

    Dawn: It was the first time for me hi hi hi hi...

    Jeanne: Has it ever happened to you?

    Coltfan: Glad you laughed with me hi hi hi...

    Blur Ting: LOL!!!!! It'd have been funnier had I brought it to the cashier HA HA HA...

    Nyumix: LOL!!! ;-D

    Burcu: My brain froze, you know? When leaving the place, it occured to me to have joked to her about it hi hi hi...

    Choc Mint Girl: You experienced that? LOL LOL LOL...Hi five then hi hi hi...

    Fish: Yeah, I wished my brain were working well enough for that...I couldn't think of anything else after she said that hi hi hi hi...

  12. Hi Amel
    I once picked up a womans bag !!!

  13. you know it's very rare that you have to apologize for laughing!!!

  14. Hey Amelia,

    LOL LOL LOL it happens sometimes! LOL...

    I can imagine the look on the owners face *nodding*!
    So did you find a suitable jacket?


  15. Interesting encounter !!
    Btw, you are my top TC now. Something's wrong with my Top TC & you are my top commentator now. hehehehe ;p

    Happy New Year to you, Amel :)

  16. Happy new year to you and R2! May 2009 be a really good year for you all.

  17. Happy New year, Amel.

    May 2009 be a year of blessings for you and your family.

    Your previous post is a very good reminder that we should focus on God more in the new year. Let us walk by faith and not by sight.



  18. Frasy: You did? Oh dearrrr...

    Vince: LOL LOL!!!

    Max: Nope. I'm not in a hurry as I don't want to buy anything too expensive he he...

    Janice: COOL!!! Happy New Year to you too!

    WaterLearner and Blur Ting: HAPPY New Year and I do hope 2009 is a better one he he...

    MT: Hey, THANKS for the greeting! HAPPY New Year to you toooooo!!!! ;-D