Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crete Diary #1

When we were at the hotel, we tried mini golf once 'coz it was free. Here are some pics of us playing mini golf. I must say it was my first time trying it, but I managed to get hole-in-one TWICE in different holes HUA HA HA HA HA...I felt GOOOODDD!!!!

However, we couldn't swim as much as we wanted to 'coz the water was still FREEZING. Fortunately there was an indoor swimming pool (albeit a small one) and I swam there twice. We did swim in this pool below twice, though.

Here's a photo of us sitting on the free shuttle bus to downtown Hersonissos:

There are many trees like this around the area, apparently more for decoration purposes or something.

I LOVE this store's facade 'coz it's just SO pretty!

Along the beach in Hersonissos, there are so many restos with a beautiful view like this (note: those flowers are REAL):

We tried visiting different restaurants to try out their food he he he he...

Apparently in summer there are usually many Dutch tourists in Hersonissos area, so many cafes/restos offer Dutch menu, such as the one I ordered below:

It's called Bami Schotel (10 Euros) and there's also Nasi Schotel and Lumpia, etc. I must say that the satay sauce tasted so similar to the satay sauce in Indo, so I was VERY VERY VERY happy with my order. ;-D

I've uploaded some videos to youtube, but they're still being processed, so I'm going to link them later on bit by bit. Gonna exercise now after a long break he he...


  1. SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D Looks lovely!

    I grew up with crazy golf.. it is all over the place in Bournemouth. Its good fun! However, Bournemouth is a tourism destination.. so that explains why!

  2. Looks magical! I never realised how lucky my ex-housemate who studies in Crete was!

  3. Gorgeous place! Love the architecture too. And the tree... just so weird up there.

  4. Wow...lovely place yeah. The view looks so peace and beautiful :D

  5. I love your pics! Must be a good camera too?
    I could jump in that pool now and eat all that food. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually jump into pictures?!

  6. Whoa...I like the swimming pool and the lovely weather there! :D
    I wish I could jump in that pool now...

  7. Ihania Lomakuvia !!!!!


  8. Michelle: wonder golf is so popular there! HE HE HE...

    Bitter Chocolate: Yeah, it's a nice place but a waitress who works there says that it can be tricky in winter 'coz the sea makes the air damp, so when it gets cold and windy, it gets into the bones he he...

    Blur Ting: Yeah, weird trees, aren't they?

    Jul: The area around the hotel is really peaceful indeed.

    The World According to Me: We're pretty happy with our camera. It's not a professional camera, but it's got a good zoom feature and it can take HD videos. :-D Yeah, I know what you mean about jumping into pics. I WANT THAT TOO he he...

    Henny: I know what you mean, but actually the water was still too cold hi hi...

    Nukke: KIITOKSIA, hauskaa vappua sinullekin! Kivaa, että nautit kuvistani. :-D

  9. I LOVE mini golf! And Crete, been there twice,very nice...great photos gal!

  10. Hey Amel, you and your hubby look so happy!! Glad you had a great trip to Greece.