Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Ken

Baby Ken arrived at the PERFECT timing for many reasons. I'll explain them all to you in this post. First of all, Arttu and I got to see the little bundle of joy 1,5 days before we were about to fly back to Finland.

On October 22nd at around 5.30 pm, we got a phone call from my SIL's father, saying that my SIL was taken to the hospital earlier and they told her to stay there. We didn't know much more about what was happening. So my Mom decided to go there. Since I was worried of her having to take a public transit alone, I decided to go along with her and I took Arttu as well. I was torn between leaving R2 at home or taking him with me, but he said he'd come.

About half an hour later, we arrived at the hospital and we could pop in to see my SIL who had an IV already by then. The doctor put her on an IV since her water broke at around 5 pm, but still no signs of contractions. So they had to make her start having contractions right away. When we got there, my brother was feeding her in the labour room. They told her to eat so that she could get enough strength to push.

So we waited in the waiting room in front of the labour room she was in. There were already my SIL's parents and younger brother. Not long after that, her aunt and uncle came by to wait, as well. The contractions started becoming steady at around 7 pm (she was 2 cm dilated by then). So started the hellish hours!!! At one point, I could hear her crying softly for a little while from outside. My Mom was SO worried about her already that she also cried and she started praying right then and there.

We waited and waited...and at around 8.45 pm, the nurse said that she was already 7 cm dilated. So we were sure that it wouldn't take until midnight before the baby was born. At around 9.30 pm, the doctor came in to assist the labour. The baby was born at 9.45 pm and my SIL only needed to push twice. She half-screamed on the first push, but then I heard nothing else (I was standing right in front of the room to listen to the progress). Then I heard a baby's cry HE HE HE HE HE HE...and everybody who was sitting in the waiting room came out and praised the Lord! ;-D

A while later, the nurse came out with the bundle of joy and she asked if we wanted to look at him. He was SOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE, even though he was still "damp" he he he...However, he looked so small, too! He was born 3.1 kgs, 51 cm tall.

I saw him sneeze while we were looking at him hi hi hi...then he was taken to the baby's room. A while later, my brother came out and we congratulated him. My SIL was still "being taken care of" inside. Only after some time could we get in to congratulate her. Her legs were still shaking slightly, but she was smiling so widely. She said she was hungry he he he he he...

Almost forgot...the doctor came out afterward and said, " many supporters!!!! Congratulations to all of you!" and then he shook hands with all of us he he he...

We were all SO glad that it went smoothly and fast!!! It's considered very fast, esp. for a first baby!!!

Anyway, another reason why the baby was born at perfect timing was that my brother had decided that the next day (October 23rd), before he found out that the baby was going to be born on October 22nd, he'd start taking his leave (he hadn't taken any leave this year). So that day, October 22nd, he went straight to the hospital from work and the next day he could stay by his wife's side without worrying about work he he he...

The other reason about the perfect timing is that the baby and the mother went back to my parents' house a day after Arttu and I went to Jakarta by bus to fly back to Finland. SO, my parents didn't have time to miss us too much since the baby would occupy so much of their time. Isn't that WONDERFUL????????

OK, now here are two pics of the baby. Unfortunately they're not too clear, esp. since he was put in that "warming box". He was feeling cold, so the doctor decided to put him in that warming box for a few days. (Note: My bro's promised to send more pics of Ken later on, so hopefully I'll get clear pics to share!)

Here's Ken's crib he he he...

And here's a short video clip R2 took of Ken. :-))))


  1. Oh dear!! Amel!! I am so happy for you!!! hm... 22 oct? when did we meet? I think it was after we met, wasn't it?

    Ken, welcome to the world! Yeah I love to see babies!! hehehe.. but really, I don't want to take care one more baby in my life.. not anymore.. hahahaha...

  2. Trinity: Yes, actually it was after our meeting, in the evening he he he he...

    I know what you mean about raising babies. Playing with them for a little while is one thing hi hi hi hi...

  3. Oh, so cute! He's waving to you all like a movie star!! It sounds like an easy birth for a first one. I was cursing, it was so painful! Ken's the same weight as YK when he was born.:-)

  4. Wow, I could hardly breathe! Ha ha... I can't imagine when it's my time... Glad that baby Ken and mom are fine. :)

  5. Hey Auntie Amel,

    Congratulations to your brother, his wife and your whole family! Your mom must be so happy :)!

    Ken is gorgeous!!! :D
    May he be the first of many!

    May God bless you all!

  6. congratulations. bagus. must be an excited auntie you are... happy to be back now in Finland? hehe...
    I have an award awaiting for you. do check it out. kiitos.

  7. What a lovely bundle of joy! I'm so glad all went well.

  8. Glad she had a quick labor .What a wonderful , precious baby. Welcome to the world Ken. Congrats again Aunt Amel.

  9. he is so cute, Amel. You must be miss him already...

  10. Ahhhh.... Thanks for sharing the pics and info Amel. I am sitting here quite emotional and dewey eyed!

    It was really lovely to hear of you all outside the labour room - like something out of the movies! :D When I got your text message, somehow I felt that you were literally outside her room! :D Really lovely to hear the news on the day and again now!

    Yes, it was a quick labour for the 1st - your sister in law had better watch out next time - it will be like shelling a pea for her! Glad all are healthy, well and happy!

    Welcome to the world Mr "Handsome" Ken :D Lots of Love from Finland... xxxx

  11. Blur Ting: LOL!!! He was indeed waving to us hi hi hi...So you were cursing? I wonder what I'll do later when my turn comes he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, we'll share our experiences later in the blogosphere, right? Well, at least I hope we're given that chance to have our own kids he he...

    Max: THANK YOU!!! And yes, my Mom's SO VERY happy he he he...

    Bytesofcookie: THANKS A LOT for the award! I TRULY appreciate itttt!!! And I'm very happy to be back in Finland he he...

    The World According to Me: Yeah, we were so glad it went fast!!! ;-D

    Dawn: THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! ;-D Wish I could play with him he he...

    Jul: Yes, you're right!!!!!! I would love to see him grow! ;-D

    Mrs Arctic Rainbow: I forgot to write that my Mom cried until her body shook after she heard Ken's cry, so I hugged her and that made me want to cry too!!! :-))))

    I was GLAD to bring R2 with me, as well and he was also GLAD to be a part, though the waiting part was a bit boring for him since we were mostly talking in Indonesian he he he...

    I'll remind my SIL that next time she should watch out! ;-D

  12. welcome home amel this is randy michelle dawn's hubby i'm back blogging again

  13. ooooh how cute! i love new born babies.... and yeah... child birth... tee hee heee....

  14. Hi Amel,

    Hope you don’t miss my photoshoot post today.

  15. what cute...amel. That was fast for first child.... For me, it took 11 hours from the first contraction.

  16. Jyankee: You love childbirth? WOW!!! I can't say anything about it yet until I experience it hi hi hi...

    Jul: I won't miss it, Jul! ;-D

    Jeanne: WOW! It took you 11 hours? Well, glad it was smooth even though it took a long time!