Monday, January 24, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. Flat landscape and less high-towered buildings around mean that I can enjoy a less obstructed view of nature even though I'm merely walking or standing or riding my bike.

2. Love, respect, and devotion that my MIL shows to FIL. She always asks him what he wants even though sometimes I'm not so sure anymore if his mind is capable of truly understanding what the questions are.

3. Making love gets better and better and even BEEEETTTTEEERRRR!!! *WIDE GRIN* (FYI, never in my wildest imagination would it even occur to me that making love would even improve like this as time went by).

4. Being the only Asian inhabitant in this village means that it's easy for people to remember my face. For example: after having my work shifts reduced as per my own request, some regular customers have asked me, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a long time." Bless them! :-D

5. A cute, little girl who's been pretty friendly with me came over the other day after we hadn't met in a while and when I said hi to her while waving at her, she said, "Amelia!" Yep, she knows my name! :-D Bless her too!

6. Winning a free scrapbook page in a fun contest. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!

7. Laughter from joking around with R2 and friends.

8. Teasing my friends in an email. :-D

9. Having a washing machine and a dishwasher. They truly help me out esp. when I've been busy.

10. SAUNA pillow! (a Christmas gift from R2) I can't tell you how relaxing it is to lie down in the sauna with a pillow and enjoying the heat when it's cold outside.

11. The ecstasy I get from tickling R2's face all over and then scratching the itchy parts and knowing how much he enjoys it. :-D

12. Chocolate biscuit and hot milk tea with honey.

13. WARM SOCKS and BLANKETS!!! I'm more in love with them after moving to Finland HA HA HA HA HA...

14. Being able to sleep and poo regularly without help.

Almost forgot:

15. I heard from one of my best friends what my Mom told her when she went for a visit to my parents' place. Mom said that she always supported my decisions 'coz she knew that I always thought everything out first well enough before making a decision, so she never had to worry about me. That's one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL things I've ever heard in my life. :-D


  1. BLESS your mom!!! Love what she said! Beautiful beautiful indeed! =) and the little girl who knows your name! awwww...I'd have kidnapped her! hahahhahahah =P So, making love gets better eh? Wanna share technique?? BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA JK, Mel! Don't get a heart attack! =P

  2. @Shinta: Yeah, the little girl is SO cute and she always looks for me when she goes to supermarkets with her parents. :-D

    Soal technique mah susah dibilang karena tiap orang beda. Yang pasti sih kudu sama2 saling terbuka aja in bed biar tambah saling tau yang satu sukanya bolehlah explorasi2 asal masih batasan wajar sih biar tambah seru hi hi hi hi...Trus kayanya emang tambah lama tambah sinkron kita berdua (semakin banyak ngalamin ups and downs bersama) jadi tambah asik aja karena feeling juga kudu jalan kan dan tambah jalan feeling (tambah apet), tambah asik deh. :-D

    Don't worry about heart attack, gua sih udah terkenal di gang gua justru yang paling terbuka di bidang ginian ---> too much kata mereka sih ROFL ROFL...

  3. Gubraks..wkwkwkkwkw beneran dishare..hahahaha..ember..temen2 loe bener banget! Asli loe terbuka banget. hahahahha ROFL =P

  4. Lovely lists, Amel. Congrats for winning scrapbook page contest. Lg sibuk y? Koq jarang mampir ^____^

  5. Hey Amel :D!

    Girl, too many best things in life for you lol ;). Seriously, life is a blessing and you know how to acknowledge that in a very respectful way; so, I commend you for it, gorgeous!

    I wish you nothing but good things and love: God bless!


  6. You have a very wise mom. ;-)

  7. Jul: THANKS!!! Iya nih lagi agak sibuk...

    @Max: HA HA HA HA...There's nothing like "too many best things" as long as you can count them all ha ha ha ha...THANK YOU for your visit and comment. God bless you too! :-D

    @M: Indeed she is. :-D