Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Fun

I've just started filling up the Finnish citizenship form. I'm not eligible yet to apply, but I will in March (by then I'll have lived here for 4 years) he he I just want to get prepared so that when the time comes I only need to print it out and bring all the copies of the documents I need and apply for it. The bad news is that starting from this month, the fee to apply citizenship has gone up. ARRRGGGHHHH!!! But that's OK, 'coz at least I have the money for it. :-D

P.S. It took me a while to find out our travel dates abroad 'coz I have to fill in all the trips we made abroad during the time I've lived here (including the trips to Indo).

I DO hope the process isn't too long (though it's said it may take up to 18 months or even longer) - at least I hope I'll be able to get some confirmation before my residence permit runs out (it expires in March 2012 and if I have to renew it to get a long-lasting one, I have to pay 120 Euros PLUS another 20 Euros for the photos). So I DO hope that I'll be able to get the citizenship before that time comes, but we'll see. We'll see...

Yesterday we went to the in-laws' place and we played cards with BIL and SIL until 1 am he he he he he...It was -27'C when I walked to work ('coz R2 picked me up from work to go to in-laws' place), but the sky was GORGEOUSLY pink when the sun started to rise and there was even half a moon shining brightly. And it was really pretty to see sunlight shining the tree tops laden with snow. Simply gorgeous!!! :-D

Nowadays my work schedule is less crazy 'coz I've asked them to reduce my hours, so I have more time doing other things at home. It's GREAT 'coz even though I earn less money, but my life feels more balanced that way. In order to save as much money as I want per month, I only need to budget my grocery shopping more tightly he he he...especially 'coz I want to go to Indo later on (and we're thinking of stopping by in Hong Kong for a few days on the way to Indo) - but we'll see about that 'coz we need to save A LOT of money first (considering the both of us are going there and the plane tickets aren't exactly cheap).

Daydreaming, drooling, planning he he he he...I hope there's no trouble asking an extra week off from work later on (it's harder for me to ask about this kind of thing than R2 'coz the system at work is such that I have to ask directly from the headquarter), so keep your fingers crossed, people!!!

OK, now I'm going to relax for a while under the blanket hi hi hi...take GOOD care of yourselves, friends!


  1. Oh!! The excitement of planning for a trip back to beloved country! hehehe..Have fun, Mel! Wippeeee on being able to apply for citizenship soon! =) Hope everything goes smoothly.

  2. Good luck for apply Finnish Citizenship. I was lucky not even 3 months, I got a letter that I got approved. And one month later, I got my Dutch passport :D

    Looks FUN planning trip to Indo. I am sure when we could go to Indo again. Maybe another 3-4 years.

  3. Hey Gorgeous!

    I am crossing my fingers: I hope you do get to go to Indo and visit your family.

    It is so good to see that you feel more balanced: life is the way it should be for you :).

    Thanks for your wishes and you take good care of yourself, as well!


  4. THANKS, beautiful ladies, for all your support. :-D