Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Upside Down World

Weeks ago I felt so "soul weary" (a term I heard from Michelle Frost while we were discussing this topic in emails). She also said in one of the emails that 'coz these days we could get information at the click of a mouse that we became more burdened with the "weight of the world" (read: the world's troubles) on our backs. Back in the old days, we could only get the news from the radio or newspaper or TV. The amount of information we got was limited. Back in the more olden days, people could only get the news through messengers. Not many people knew the troubles suffered by the people living halfway across the world. Now I feel that it's the age of information overload.

With the many petitions through emails and now FB, it's easy to feel guilty if we don't participate. Plus we get more overwhelmed with the bad news happening all around the world or when we come across so much internet junk lying around here and there that we accidentally find.

I've also been wondering with humans' needs these days. Back then we only needed food to eat, clothing to stay warm, a place to stay to shelter us. Now with all the modernity and technology that we enjoy, I feel that we're putting values in things that don't really matter much when you think about it in the long run - the things that don't matter at all when you're facing death (or when a loved one is facing death or even slow death like my FIL) or devastating natural disasters. Every time I meet FIL these days, I think of life and I'm reminded of all the trivial things on earth that don't really matter.

I DO understand why humans are the way they are, 'coz I'm also a mere human being with all my strengths and weaknesses, but I wonder whether or not we've let life just pass us by in a swift motion, dragging us with the world that focuses even more and more on those trivial things on earth...where does our need to improve end and contentment begins? Where is the limit? On the other hand, accepting the status quo and being content with what we have also feels "wrong" in many levels. When did I ever feel that it's wrong to be content with what we have? Why do I feel that it's wrong? Is it really wrong?

I remember when I was a child, TV programs started only at around 5 pm and ended at around midnight. Back then the only commercials were about immunization and stuff like that. Nowadays we're bombarded with so many commercials that tickle our "wants". I know that it's easy to become victim of those "wants" especially after I start earning money. I really need to STOP and THINK first whether I REALLY need them or not before I start buying stuff.

I also feel that the more developed technology is, the more ethical questions come up. Recently I read about
a doctor who found this kind of drug during his research, but then it was stolen and the drug was recreated by the thieves and sold on the streets like heroin or something like that. He was shocked beyond belief and he regretted having created it in the first place. For every good thing and purpose, humans find ways to either go to the extreme with it or misuse or abuse it. It's human nature. I get it. But I can't help myself feeling sad because of it.

Another thing that saddens me is also what I heard about a woman who fell into a hole in one country that I won't mention here. The law in the country stated that only the medics could help her out, so people who wanted to pull her out weren't allowed to do so. The result? The woman had died by the time the medics arrived. How sad is that?

I also feel that this is an era where tolerance is taken to the extreme. For example: if parents discipline their kids rather "sternly", they're called "child abusers". I'm NOT saying I condone people who are mean to other people or to kids. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is should tolerance mean that we tolerate everything? EVERY SINGLE THING? Because it sure feels like we're going that way sometimes and it's driving me mad.

I don't know what I'm getting at by writing all these thoughts 'coz I haven't really found the conclusion. All I know that I have this strong desire to share these thoughts in my blog. Maybe some of you have some enlightenment to share with me that'd help me out of this vicious cycle of thoughts. Who knows? ;-D


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  2. I'm with you on tolerance. I've heard of a mom who lightly pinch her little daughter's hand because she caught her eating a candy (that wasn't paid for) when they were in a supermarket...and someone in the supermarket (another shopper?) told her that she couldn't do that (pinch her daughter) coz that's abuse!!! What on earth happened to disciplining one's child? It's not like she was hurting the child!

    Being content with one's life. Hmm..I think that is what we all strife for, isn't it? I don't mean we all should lie around, do nothing and just be happy...but I think we should be happy what we have and not stress over what we don't. Afterall, isn't that what God wants...that we be thankful in everything? =)

    Information overload! Totally agree!! These days, I feel like my head just can't take anymore bad news. There's corruption in Indonesia. Flood in Australia. Earthquake. People swinging their babies around claiming it's "baby yoga" (have you seen that video??). *sigh*

  3. I don't know what to say, Amel :((

  4. You've actually enlightened me on the term 'soul weary'. What you've said is so true. Our minds and 'wants' are overly stimulated 24/7. Life gets more hectic as we progress. We can never bring back the good old idyllic days.

  5. @Shinta: Yeah, I've seen the pic of baby yoga. I haven't actually watched it, though, 'coz I still have hope that it's not a real baby...ugh...:-(((

    It's crazy about the person who said that pinching a child like that was abuse. Doh!!!

    @Jul: Ga papa, Jul, aku cuman rambling dan ranting doang he he...THANKS for reading anyway! :-D

    @Ting: Michelle Frost was the one telling me about the term and I thought, "YES, that's the right term for what I've been feeling!" I guess it's a global "disease" these days: being soul weary...