Monday, January 03, 2011

Go Away Bugs!

Dang, I feel like I'm going to have a cold or something. There've been some viruses going around here and my best friend in Sodankylä has been down with it. Yesterday when I went to work, my coworker started losing her voice and I felt a bit of a headache when it was near closing time. I let myself sleep so long (12 hours) - even though it felt as though it wasn't enough still and if I had let myself, I would have been sleeping still. I'm drinking some vitamin now and I hope I won't catch any viruses.

Our New Year's eve was spent at my in-laws' place again. R2, MIL, and I played cards until about 2 am. I did go outside a bit to see some fireworks at around midnight, but didn't manage to take any good pics of them. We went there cycling, so we went back home cycling again.

When it comes to FIL - I guess there are good days and bad days. Sometimes he remembers MIL, sometimes not. But these days he sometimes uses the kind of cup that babies use before they start learning to drink from a regular glass, so it breaks my heart to see him like that and I can see that it's getting harder and harder for him to move (the body gets so stiff nowadays). But I salute MIL for having taken care of him with such patience and love...that's really what you call "loving in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health". For those who are praying, keep on praying for MIL so that she gets all the strength, patience, love, and comfort that she needs.

Anyway, let me continue with the photo shoots in Rovaniemi...

1st pic: Taken at around 10 am before the sun showed up above the trees.

2nd pic: I posted this pic also in FB and someone said the tree looked like a monster hi hi hi hi hi...

All the pics below were taken at around midday. Any fave pic?

OK, now I'm going to browse around for a little bit before going to work. Good thing we have a national holiday on 6th. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! Take care, people, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. Will continue praying for your MIL and FIL, Mel. Your MIL is such an inspiring woman! WOW WOW WOW! I only pray that when I get to her age, I can be half the woman (and wife) that she is.

    So sorry that you are not feeling well. Shall pray for you also. Cepat sembuh yachhh *HUGS*

    Favorite pics? I must say, the second one (the one where the tree looked like a monster..hehe) coz you can see the moon in the background. AWESOME! and the second from bottom. WOW! God is such an amazing painter!

  2. Hi Amel!

    Gorgeous, Happy New Year!!

    May 2011 bring you all the best and may your deepest wishes come true with the Bless of God!

    I hope you are feeling better today and do not forget to drink a lot of hot beverages :).

    I absolutely loved your photos: what a way to begin the year!

    Big hug and cheers

  3. Those photos really show the amount of snowfall you have been getting. Stay warm and hope you get better soon.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Amel. I hope you are better soon, I am not feeling well too (*again*) :((

  5. Popping by to say Happy New Year!!

  6. Happy New year! A bit late, but maybe I can pretend to be really early for Chinese new year? *grin*

    Love and prayers for both your FIL and MIL.

  7. All those photos were breathtaking, but my fave would be the 5th one. ;-D

  8. THANKS for the prayers and votes for the pics and Happy New Year to all of you as well!!!